Some migrants Russia can become a home

What the suffering compatriots will facilitate new migration policy? Why do they stay “illegal immigrants necessarily” because of the merciless of the law on citizenship? This was advantageous for years to torment people, leaving without legal status? Not just on this topic I addressed in the “Russian newspaper”, trying to save him from the absurdity of bukvoezhka at least one human life.

Photo: Alexander River/TASS Putin instructed to study three procedure for granting citizenship

How many “round tables” held our “Forum of migrant organizations”, which implements projects under the presidential grants with the agenda “the Gathering of people in Russia”, “love your fellow Motherland!”… Maybe we will be heard. Or have you heard?..

In the document of instructions that everyone interested can read on the website that’s kind of the thesis: “…it is Necessary to organize a broad information campaign explaining the parameters of the reform, the target audience should be not only foreigners, but also citizens of the Russian Federation…” a Wide campaign on immigration reform, hope is still ahead, and we decided to start to present the views of distinguished scientists, human rights activists and experts – practitioners. Not just a speech on migrants – the fate of Russia, which is experiencing an acute demographic problem.

Human capital is more valuable than money

Sergey Ryazantsev, corresponding member of RAS, Director of Institute of socio-political studies:

I Totally agree with the main thrust of the document: “the precise changes in the migratory legislation, as well as the tightening of legal liability will not lead to a qualitative improvement of the migration sphere.”

the state’s Efforts should be aimed at making people want to come to Russia and stay with us to live. It is reasonable to declare that we collected in Russia by Russian and invite respectable people of different nationalities to come to work, do business, learn… To implement such a policy, we need independent civilian structure – the Ministry of migration and naturalization.

unfortunately, the proposed action is dominated by power aspect.

Enter the fingerprinting and unified information platform, of course, necessary, but there is a risk that the force component is again to bury the idea that migrants are precious human capital, demographic, and labor resources of the country.

the fewer migrants have to communicate with officials, the less corruption and arbitrariness. Your documents a person must submit electronically, this will allow to get rid of lines and even eliminate corruption!

a Person with a residence permit, can be deprived of legal status for something that is not there, crossed the street

This is a major step forward that the residence permit will become the main migration status, and permit a temporary residence, as an extra stepping stone on the pathway to citizenship (Yes, get this sun within the narrow confines of the quotas), now wither away. However, we need to think: what will happen to the people who are now living with the status of RVP? I think that they should be given a residence permit automatically! In addition, it would be good to give a residence permit to students who have finished training in Russia, is a perfect demographic, intellectual and labor resource for the country.

it is Proposed to establish three ways of acquiring citizenship of the Russian Federation: General, simplified and special. The General procedure additionally proposes the introduction of fee way of assessing applicants for citizenship. A preliminary assessment will be given a certain Commission created at the level of the subject, and the decision will be taken in the migration Directorate of the interior Ministry and its territorial bodies. In my opinion, is simply unreasonable solution of the question of citizenship, which in many respects defines destiny of the person, completely otdto create the power to police officials. I doubt also that investors and businessmen must give citizenship (special order) only the President of the Russian Federation. I do think that this category of foreigners the citizenship of the Russian Federation should be given not in a specific order, and in the simplified procedure subject to clear conditions: creation of jobs, the purchase of real estate in Russia investment in production.

the paper noted that measures to restrict the admission of foreign citizens to the labour market do not apply to nationals of member States of the Eurasian economic Union. And apply such measures in relation to foreign nationals with a residence permit in Russia? What will happen to these people? It just needs to specify, otherwise it will “hang” in a legal vacuum hundreds of thousands of people we need.

I read the document but did not find a single word about free Russian language courses for migrants! But it is a necessary condition for their successful integration!

don’t lose your face

Olga Vorobyov, Professor, Department of demographic and migration policy of the MGIMO University:

Migrants the majority of our population does not love, and to live without them as comfortable as we used to, alas, will not work: construction sites are empty, the garbage of the city will drown, the supermarkets will be closed.

the Representatives of 135 professions will get Russian citizenship in a simplified manner

the Main cause of conflicts with migrants, I think, that we have no attention to the hardest part of the migration policy and integration. In connection with the intensive influx of migrants from countries with distant cultural distance increases the alarm companies that we often see: it is not the migrants adapt to our conditions, traditions and customs, and the Russian population is in danger of completely losing their ethnic and cultural entity, together with the language and historical religious preference. That’s the real danger, but perhaps only migrants to blame?

Let GUVM expectations

Vyacheslav Postavnin, expert former Deputy Director of the FMS of Russia:

just want to note: the instructions of the President to implement the Concept of migration policy, in my opinion, it looks more substantial and specific than the new concept adopted in 2018.

sorry, the document I found no mention of this alarming problem, as the growing emigration of Russians to the West, and nothing is said about the importance of interaction with NGOs that help the survival of migrants.

And most importantly: it is necessary to create conditions for barrier-free return to Russia of immigrants, especially Russian.

Read in Order… links to the key role of the police in the implementation of attractive migration policy. All of it was in 2001, when after a meeting of the security Council, it was decided to transfer to FMS in the Ministry of interior. “Wanted as better…” But in 2008, when it became absolutely clear that the police have their important functions and it is not a thing to attract migrants, FMS became an independent body. Alas, it is no secret that migration is a goldmine for corruption, and when the migration went very bad, in 2016, once again stepped on the same rake: FMS eliminated and the salvation of migration was again shouldered by the interior Ministry. This Department can only sympathize.

Photo: Alex Vakulenko/ WG Why are some Crimeans can obtain passport

But still I hope that the instructions of the President will be able to adequately fulfill the strong, selfless team GUVM (Main Directorate for migration of the MIA of Russia), who managed to remain faithful to the best traditions of the migration service 90-ies. Because FMS was created with the mission to help migrants, employees of the service were convinced that returning immigrants are vital to Russia.

It is wise and it is true that in the Instructions it is said to strengthen the power vertical. I hope that GOWM, which until now had only organizational and methodical functions

will now have the power and functions as the time was head of the FMS: his order was strictly enforced by the migration authorities on the ground. It is important that there will be increased staff at the centre and in the regions where the largest number of migrants.

Statistics opens the senses

Olga Chudinovskikh, candidate of economic Sciences, head of laboratory of economy population and demography economic faculty of MSU named after M. V. Lomonosov:

Reasonable and timely proposal for the streamlining of the so-called migration modes, and in particular, the idea to abandon the institution of temporary residence permit. During the existence of the sun, this system does not prove its use, the tasks she was assigned, it is possible to solve other, more flexible means.

Confuses me a thesis on providing immigration preferences mainly to persons close to us in mentality and culture, good knowledge of Russian language. In my opinion, this postulate with the time necessary to review. We cannot and should not seek to “pull” in Russia everyone who fits this definition. And the potential of this migration is very limited. We should not forget that for the citizens of the countries where the population lives, “speaking the Russian language and close to us in mentality and culture,” there are other migration routes. For example, in the EU. If we continue to insist that we as permanent migrants only need like us, then this might lead the country to a standstill.

the Selectivity of migration policy, in my opinion, should not be based on ethnic and cultural filters, and human capital migrants: knowledge, desire to work and opportunities to participate actively in the development of Russia. The lack of a coherent immigration (permanent residence) channels for migrants who do not fit the above definition (although many speak Russian), limits the ability of Russia to increase its population. The issues of stimulation of inflow of “close” in language and mentality should be solved by a special repatriation program with your target audience.

Photo: Yevgeny Petrov constitutional court defended a small business that legally employs immigrants

a Very important (and especially close to me because of the professional interests) is the order associated with information and analytical support of migration policy. In recent years, the situation in this region became almost critical. It is impossible to pursue a policy without quantitative benchmarks and if you can’t check on the figures, how to operate the action taken. And it’s not just about the monitoring of labour migration in the interests of business, which, incidentally, is said in the Instructions. Statistics provide answers to many questions related to integration, with the influence of migrants and their descendants on a variety of aspects of Russian society.

If you manage to create a digital platform and combine data collected by different agencies, we will be able to get a very diverse and interesting statistics, with a large number of variables.

the Contribution of human rights defenders in the reform of

Alexandra Dokuchaeva, Deputy Director of the CIS Institute:

Immigration reform outlined in the Instructions – this is a long awaited change, which repeatedly made proposals of human rights defenders.

the order of the President point to the need for comprehensive reform of legislation and law enforcement practices for lifting has long been known, the acute problems in the regulation of migration and citizenship.

After the development of the mechanism of migration Amnesty may be approved by the pilot subjects. For example, Primorsky Krai

Well, the initiators of the Instructions see the need:

– eliminate the extra step – RVP – for those who come for permanent residence in Russia;

– carrying out immigration Amnesty for compatriots, have long been living in Russia without legal status;

– the issuance of the results of the process identification document which will be recognized as identification upon all matters of legalization in Russia until the acquisition of nationality and to grant the right of departure from the country;

– establishing order, consistency, clarity, appropriateness, justice and proportionality in deportation procedures and the prohibition of entry into Russia;

– the alignment of the vertical in the management of migration and citizenship and the creation of non-judicial mechanisms for appealing decisions of the failures in obtaining one or other status or citizenship.

this was left out of the Instructions matters (in my opinion, require urgent attention):

– the repatriation of compatriots;

– recognition of Russian citizenship by birth for former citizens of the USSR born on the territory of the RSFSR;

– the cancellation of earlier decisions on deportation and a ban on entry to Russia of persons having stable family ties with Russian citizens and have not committed dangerous to society offences;

registration at the place of stay and residence of migrants who do not have their own homes in Russia.

Preparing a migration Amnesty

Vladislav Zvichajnim, Chairman of the NGO Union organizations “CSI”, the former head of the Federal migration service of Russia for the Primorsky Krai:

the Order of the President on the implementation of the Concept I am particularly pleased with the paragraph which refers to the activities concerning, in my opinion, the preparation of migration Amnesty. Heren

Photo: from family archive Nasyrovich Why, after 12 years of living in Russia for a young family faces deportation

“IV. Additional measures to promote reform of

15. Simultaneously with the introduction of the new immigration legislation it is important to include provisions that provide the opportunity for foreign citizens who have violated immigration laws, but do not represent a serious danger for the Russian Federation, without leaving the Russian Federation, to issue a legal status without accountability”.

I think after the development of the mechanism of migration Amnesty will be approved by the pilot subjects in order to gain practice and to take account of errors throughout Russia. Such regions can be best prepared or really in need of legalization of labor migrants regions (for example, our Primorsky Krai).

still, I am confident that an effective and speedy passage of immigration reform in the country if you have the necessary material base (infrastructure) created, including on the basis of state-private partnership.

And, of course, over time there should be created a separate migration a civilian Agency responsible for the whole complex set of problems in the field of migration.

a Million people are already expelled from Russia

Tatiana Kotlyar, a human rights activist (Obninsk):

Specific proposals for the implementation of the orders of the President can give human rights defenders with experience of effective work with migrants. Such expert practitioners who know firsthand what is happening with the migrants “on the ground”, it is necessary to include in the working group under the administration.

Here are our most urgent problems:

the inability of the migrants to register in a rented livedrd. Registration does not depend on the tenant and the landlord. We have been offering foreign citizens put on the account in the administration of the municipality. The administration needs to know who lives in their town or city. Then disappear fictitious registration.

you Can invite to move to the Russian compatriots, Russian speakers, students at the school. But in Russia, for the police, the power which is given to the problem of migration, the migrant – suspicious person, the potential offender.

under existing law, any foreign citizen for two minor offences (e.g. there is no crossing the street) may be denied entry to Russia. To take the penalty and to expel (in court!) from Russia with the ban on entry for many years. Million people already deported from Russia.

Compatriots-immigrants are constantly exposed to humiliation by the migration police.

Now a man with a residence permit, at any time may be deprived of legal status for two minor offences (e.g. there is no crossing the street).

the Current system is very vzyatkoemkoy. I’m afraid, if the Commission on granting Russian citizenship, then a passport will be given only for a bribe.

the Digitalization against “pomogaem”

Veronica Svetlichnaya, refugee from Donbas:

One of the main objectives of the reform is the digitalization and strengthen the system of state migration management through computerization, use of information technology. Ready migration authorities to such changes?

take the example of a familiar, me region: the reception of documents in the so-called “Windows” regional UVM is made without computers, specialists just checking paper submitted by migrant, without checking in databases etc. and all delays are stealing precious time, which for immigrants is strictly regulated: it expires the period of legal stay, the actions of the sun, etc. CoNicky migration authorities often manipulate the fact that a failure occurs in a computer system, migration authorities do not take responsibilities for the delay and the failure timing, while the migrant is dependent on all identified documents date and is sure to be punished.

Photo: Valery sharifulin/TASS Regions will add authority to regulate labour migration

the involvement of the immigration rules largely contributes to the emergence of corruption schemes that push immigrants into the hands of “pomogaem”, which, unlike a simple migrant, you could easily fit into any rooms without a queue, thus the queue and create. Law-abiding immigrants, by their ignorance, appeal to numerous law firms, which promise expert help. But most often these firms are cheating the settlers, drawing them into violators, trade registrations, create a scheme with forged documents. We should not pretend that the authorities do not know about, because their employees are often the protagonists of such schemes for the extortion of money from the gullible.

That would be instead of raids to clarify, “I slept today to the migrant at the place of registration”, to conduct raids on firms “of pomogaem”, setting clear rules on the provision of legal services by non-state organizations in the sphere of migration. They are so brazen that attract victims solid signs in their offices, feel free to post on the Internet is bright.

the most Important question: what will the rules of registration by place of stay? What about those who have no place to register?

it would be Interesting to know whether there is such a thing as a plan to identify violations of migration regime? If so, then migrants will always remain a “convenient resource” inthe vypolnenie standards, because to catch the frightened migrant is much easier than to reveal the real crime.

*This is an extended version of the text published in the “RG”