Soloviev finally drove the Ukrainian political scientist from the Studio

TV Presenter Vladimir Solovyov finally expelled the transmission on TV channel “Russia 1” Ukrainian expert Vyacheslav Kovtun. The release is available on YouTube.

the Incident occurred during a discussion of the unauthorized rally in Vladikavkaz. Ukrainian political analyst said that Regardie were hiding from the protesters, what Solovyov said that the security forces have imposed law and order and acted very carefully. He drew the attention of the invitee that a lot of people will be infected with coronavirus in compliance with self-isolation.

In response to the acquittal of the guest of the show Solovyov decided to kick him out of the Studio forever. “Listen, get out. Home to Kiev. Get him out of here. It was finally home. (…) I one time gave up the slack and put it back in, was wrong — sorry. There was no need to be sorry. All that’s easy: the game is over,” he concluded, explaining that he does not want to hear words of support to “absolutely miserable, confused, in distress [people] that come out, get infected, and then they die.”

on 20 April in front of the administration building of the North Ossetia, the residents gathered with the demands to abolish the regime of universal isolation and help people affected financially due to the spread of the novel coronavirus. The Kremlin said that the rally was illegal and may have negative consequences for the epidemiological transition.

In the course of the broadcast of 17 March Solovyov forever expelled Kovtun for an insult to another guest, but a week later he apologized and returned to the show. “With these hands, consider, raised, and nurtured. Well, throw — sopetsya,” he joked then Soloviev.