Saturday night at 20.52 received the Police a notification that a car had driven into a lamppost on the Backersvej on Amager.

“There was probably four in the car when it crashed. Two of them had been in the car, while two of them ran away,” says vagtchef by the Copenhagen Police Henrik Brix.

According to the vagtchefen have now got hold of three of the car passengers, and it is not yet known why they chose to run away from ullykkesstedet.

Additionally, they are investigating why the car just drove into a lamppost.

“You don’t know why they are running into a lamppost. It is not because they are in the middle of the road. So there will of course be tested for whether a driver would be affected.”

How does it sound from the vagtchef Henrik Brix.

None of the victims have come serious injuries, he says to the end and tell that the vehicle was a rental car.