Gauguin Solntsev purchased a cemetery plot for his elderly wife Catherine Tereshkovich. He told about it to the edition “the Interlocutor”.

“Rest, Kate will find in the village cemetery in the Bryansk region. It’s a fine place: they grow birch trees, near the river. And, the main thing is cheap”, – said the showman.

According to Solntseva, his wife “deserves to be buried on this cemetery”.

Gauguin complained that the Moscow cemeteries are too expensive.

Showman said that he bought two seats, apparently, he’s going to rest beside his wife.

Solntsev noted that near the future place of burial of Catherine the Tereshkovich have friends family that will take care of the grave.

In March, as reported by “the Rambler”, Gauguin Solntsev said that his wife dies, and he tries to bring her back to life.

“Kate really bad. It paralyzed her. The forecasts are very unfavorable,” – said the sun.