Forecast is that only registered 120 deaths in the south american country of Ecuador in connection with the global coronapandemi.

But much to suggest that the real number coronarelaterede deaths is far higher in the south american country.

Thus, the authorities have in recent days collected several corpses, which have lain in the streets and in people’s homes in the country’s most populous city, Guayaquil.

The typing of the news agencies AFP and Reuters.

At a joint action has the police and the military retrieved 150 similar over the past three days. This was stated by a spokesman for the government, according to AFP.

the Inhabitants of the city have previously posted footage on social media, where you can see the survivors corpses in the streets.

Other residents are desperately requested that the authorities had to come and fetch the deceased members of the family. Due to the decommissioning of the city are not even able to dispose of the bodies.

the Authorities have, according to the AFP has not yet confirmed how many of the dead, who were infected with the coronavirus.

Ecuador’s president, Lenin Moreno, emphasises that the 120 confirmed deaths is far below the real level. The low figure is because the authorities cannot keep up with the spread of infection, he says, according to Reuters.

on Thursday announced the ecuadorian government that there will be established special “camps” for coronaofrene in Guayaquil.

According to Lenin Moreno is expected to be between 2500 and 3500 will die with corona virus in the province.

“We build a special camp for the fallen,” says Lenin Moreno.

the Hospitals in Guayaquil is already crowded with coronapatienter with breathing problems.

A growing number of nurses and doctors become infected, says Liliana Triana, who is the spokesperson for the health authorities in the province of Guaya.

the Government has therefore initiated an acute recruitment of 700 nurses and doctors.

“We are sending an SOS because our nurses die,” says Liliana Triana to Reuters.