Director Alexander Sokurov shared his opinion about the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, describing how he is aware of the situation in the country, including the theft among the oligarchs. Words Sokurov Sunday, July 12, reports 47news.

“I’ve seen many times that Putin knows better. And about the actions these guys rich our. When I once said a well-known name, he said "Yes, he is a thief". Directly he had said it, Putin,” said Sokurov.

The Director also spoke on the topic of involvement of any person to office by the President in the Affairs of the country: “People in this status, he can not be old-picking junk. Who has not come, that just is not dumped. I imagine that there are around Putin’s happening. How much junk, dirt bring him. And he swims. And it is inevitable”.

Talking about his relations with the first President of Russia Boris Yeltsin, he remembered how he first mentioned under the name of Vladimir Putin, praising the policy for assistance to the former mayor of St. Petersburg Anatoly Sobchak departure to Paris during the so-called Sobchak. “He very briefly outlined. I only remember one phrase, that "Putin has not betrayed",” said the filmmaker.

In December last year, he refused to apologize to the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov because of the correspondence of the dispute in connection with the request of the filmmaker to rethink the title of Hero of Russia has the Chechen leader and his father Akhmat.

Alexander Sokurov is known for films like “Russian ark”, “Taurus”, “Moloch”, “Sun”, “Faust”, “Mournful loss of consciousness” and “the Lonely voice of man”. He is the winner of the Golden lion at the Venice festival prize for scenario at the Cannes festival award “Nika” awards and the European film Academy.