The Society for the Development of Cultural Enterprises (SODEC) announced, on Monday afternoon, funding for writing assistance for 23 productions: 15 films and 8 documentaries.

Among the fictions, let’s note In a galaxy near you – part III (Pierre-Yves Bernard and Claude Legault), the haunted comedies (India Desjardins), And if we left each other? (Jean-Philippe Baril-Guérard and Suzie Bouchard) and The Little Astronaut (Dominic James Bergeron, Christine Doyon and Jean-Paul Eid) then the dramas Filles publiques (Catherine Léger), Letter from a Stranger (Florence Longpré) and Géantes (Isabelle Hayeur).

Documentary filmmakers who received funding are: Carlos Ferrand, Denys Desjardins, Nadine Gomez, Ève Lamont, Guillaume Lévesque, Tamás Wormser, Jean-Pierre Gariépy and David Simard.

SODEC, whose mandate is to promote and support the development of cultural businesses in Quebec and abroad, selected these projects following the submission of April 19, which included 56 eligible projects.