Moscow. May 6. INTERFAX.RU — isolation Mode in France has led to the fact that 57% of French people gained extra weight, 29% of isolated individuals, on the contrary, weight is lost, according to a study of Institute of studying of public opinion Ifop.

the Decrease of physical activity during isolation, stress, snacking between meals, online-gatherings booze have led since mid-March, when the country announced the isolation of due COVID-19, to the fact that the French population in General, “up”.

according to Le Parisien, citing the Ifop, the average Frenchman gained 2.5 kg of extra weight. Research indicates that in isolation, a new habit. Of those surveyed 42% are “more than usual” to take an aperitif, and 20% are addicted to excessive consumption of chocolate.

the Ifop comes to the conclusion that very often, excess weight is gained people with a lean physique and those afflicted with obesity. It is noted that among fat most common “people are unemployed, with low education or belonging to the poorest categories” of the population.

Among gained additional weight is dominated by people living in large families. This phenomenon is less affected those ports isolation alone.

According to the study, despite the fact that the isolation thus had an impact on the weight of the French, it prompted many to change their food habits. Of those polled 56% said the desire after the lifting of restrictions to consume more healthy foods.