Social networks are moving to artificial intelligence because of the pandemic coronavirus

YouTube, Facebook and Twitter warned that more videos and other content can be mistakenly removed for a policy violation since the company transferred verifying the content on the automated software with artificial intelligence (AI).

the Google blog says that the pandemic coronavirus employees it was decided to send home and to reduce the number of people in offices. So YouTube and other business units to temporarily rely on artificial intelligence and automated tools for finding problem content.

the company warned that video may be removed from the site because it is decided the system while in normal mode questionable content can be redirected to a human reviewer. Can be removed more videos, including some videos that may not violate company policy. Other materials will not to move or show up in searches and recommendations, while not pass the test of time.

The YouTube promise that the AI will rarely give out strikes, which can lead to the closure of the user’s channel. However, the appeals on questions of moderation of content may be slower.

Google said that an analysis of automated decision about the enforcement policy of the service will also be slowed for other products (including Google Play, ad network, etc.) and phone support will be limited.

Facebook has followed suit, stating that this week will be to work with the contractors to send home all the moderators content indefinitely, with pay.

Facebook also said that the decision to rely more on automated tools, which learn to recognize offensive material will entail some inconveniences — longer processing time and a greater number of errors of the algorithms.

Twitter reports that also will take up the same automation, but will not ban users because of the verdict of the automated moderation system.

Three giants of Silicon valley, like many companies worldwide, asked employees and contractors to work at home to slow the spread of the coronavirus. Mass gatherings for sports, cultural and religious events were canceled around the world.

Facebook, Google and Microsoft, as well as LinkedIn, Reddit, Twitter and YouTube have recently released a joint statement on countering misinformation about the coronavirus. The report said that the company cooperate closely in efforts to combat fraud and misinformation about the virus, share critical updates in coordination with public health agencies around the world.

Dehghani urged other companies to do likewise so that the community was healthy and safe.