now, In your head, share your images from your childhood, or the heart of cycling on Strava: in the time of the quarantine, and trouble-shoot challenges, and social media, such as mushrooms from the ground. “We will be able to once in a while just to digitally communicate with one another today,” says a sociologist, Walter Weyns, University of Antwerp. “We can be there but it is better to go forward.”

Social media have been in the past on several occasions to be ‘anti-social’ as they are called, because we vastgekluisterd sit down at a little screen. “On Instagram, Facebook, or WhatsApp, will expire and the physical connection”, says the sociologist, Walter Weyns. “What you can do to see photographs and video, which compensates a little bit, but really, it’s just a slight rest from the real world.” However, in the times of the solar corona, in which we are all, as far as possible, to binnenblijven are using digital platforms to just do a very sociable person. “It’s one of the few safe ways to get in touch with each other to keep going. Give a lonely person these days, or his / her social needs are being met. It was his only connection to the outside world, it is a type of lifeline .

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as of And for the digital interaction a fun and engaging process, and there are lots of challenges in mind. “It is a substitute for our traditional business”, says Weyns. “It helps you actually in order to connect to each other, and to keep it off. We are able to make us mentally to go up, since we < / i> together, and to our friends.” This is mainly due to the approximation of competitiveness. Will have to compete with each other in a playful way. You will want to have the job that you have been given, as well as possible to the group. But at the same time, you want to your own and you might have a little bit of the guidance: for example, a roll of toilet paper with your feet up in the air instead of a ball. This means that the task is not only to your friends but also to get yourself a satisfying feeling, especially if you do it a lot better than you are now.


However, there should also be a note in the margin to be made. Current jobs in social media, you will first have to be nominated by my friends. “If your name is not there, then you are going to quickly undervalue you feel, and that, too, is part of a group of friends.”, says Weyns. “You feel like you are in the kneusje of the group. However, you have to put things in perspective: the tasks of the social media are not important, they are there to pass the time. Of late, the lack of a nomination for something like this triviaals no mood to work.”

And, on the other hand, there are also the friends who have not been nominated wíllen to be. “If your name is in there, and you need to be to carry out the work”, says Weyns. “You can compare it with the daily round of applause for the great care. This is a very good initiative, but because of the social pressure to feel that some people are required to have at least to applaud. These are small examples, and peer pressure is not so great. You will not fail if you step out of line. However, you need to be aware of the fact that it is a form of peer pressure.”

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