on social assistance recipients from the Canton of Zurich is gone because of a Hautcrème up in front of the administrative court. The social authority of his place of residence had refused to assume the cost for the Crème. To this the man according to his skin doctor is instructed to but because he suffers from dry skin. The judge gave him the right.

It’s about 70 francs per month

dry skin is the side effect of a drug, which the Complainant must, in the longer term oral use. He had tried many things, but this is the only Moisturiser did have an effect.

The Crème can cost per month, around 70 Swiss francs, and the expenditure is not, by the health insurance are taken. The recipients of social assistance provided at the social authority of a request for Assumption of the costs.

Now the city numbers

do not need to pay But the city wanted. Of social assistance recipients rose appeal, with the justification that he needed help immediately. The district Council wanted to take any Immediate measures.

Therefore, the Complainant turned to the administrative court and demanded that it immediately financially to be saved, he need this Crème. The court is now on his side, as on Monday published judgment.

It is credible that the Complainant was in urgent need of this Moisturiser. The precautionary Assumption of costs was therefore justified. The city must pay welfare recipients the Crème therefore, from now on – at least until the Council clarifies the matter definitively. (SDA/lha)