In Moscow managed to overcome the main problems caused by the pandemic coronavirus infection. In the sphere of trade, services and catering turnover returned to the level of 2019, said the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin.

He told about it at the meeting of the Supervisory Board of the Agency of strategic initiatives with the President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

“of Course, a huge challenge for us was pandemic, which is still ongoing, but the main problem, I hope we have overcome… trade, services, cash turnover of small and medium businesses and hospitality industries have reached a level of 2019 after the restrictions were lifted,” — said Sobyanin.

According to him, the government-proposed measures “as a whole gave system support to businesses in the affected industries.”

The mayor also drew attention to the fact that the pace of business recovery higher than projected.

“This tells us that we have all the chances to restore the city’s economy even in the affected industries… we Believe that it is possible to preserve the investment potential that we have accumulated over the previous years,” Sobyanin concluded.

Earlier, Sobyanin said that Moscow held all the peaks coronavirus infection and after the lifting of restrictions continues to decline, the number of new cases COVID-19, and the number of hospitalized and critically ill patients.