The number of patients with the coronavirus that is connected to the ventilator, decreased for the week by 21%, it means reducing the number of patients in condition of medium severity, severe and very severe condition, said the mayor Sergei Sobyanin the TV channel “Russia 24”.

“we Have a number of patients who are on the ventilator for a week has decreased on 21%… This is an indication that the reduced number of heavy, moderate, very difficult patients”, — said Sobyanin.

The mayor noted that Moscow reduced the number of pneumonia caused by a coronavirus. Last week a 37% reduction in the number of new cases of infection with coronavirus. Also decreased the number of hospitalizations of patients with coronavirus, said Sobyanin.

According to the operational headquarters for the suppression of corona on June 25, in Russia per day, the number of cases infected with coronavirus rose 7113 – up to 613 994. For the entire period from the coronavirus recovered 375 164 people registered with 8605 deaths related coronavirus.