Sobyanin told about the new restrictions in Moscow due to coronavirus

Also, a ban on the work of night clubs, discos and other similar establishments, and cafes, bars and restaurants you can’t smoke hookah. Got banned and all public gatherings in parks, commercial property is centres and other points of attraction in the premises and under the open sky.

Photo: Sergey Mikheev/RG mild form of coronavirus patients in Moscow will be allowed to be treated at home

moreover, these shopping centers are not closed, but they have to be closed children’s rooms, cinemas, fitness clubs, ice rinks, bowling, billiard, amusement, water parks and other venues and facilities. “Animators don’t have to deal with children, and the promoters shall not carry out presentations of products and services, – the mayor wrote. – However, shops, banks and domestic services, located in the shopping center remain open.”

Limited, and the work of dental clinics, they will provide only emergency care for acute pain and emergencies. The igsc “My documents” moving to providing only those services that are not available in electronic format. In this work, they begin by appointment.

Photo: iStock Ministry of health: Buy prescription drugs with home delivery not

the Right to free travel in public transport stops for people older than 65 years and with chronic diseases, as well as for students of colleges and universities. “The measure is unpopular, but we must ensure compliance with repress isolation to protect them from the contagion of our grandmothers and grandfathers, – said the mayor. – Introduced restrictions will slow the spread of coronavirus infection and, ultimately, will make it possible to cope with it.”

we will Remind, tomorrow in Moscow, about 1.9 million elderly and chronically ill Muscovites will have to observe home quarantine – the corresponding decree was signed by mayor on Monday. The measure will apply until April 14. In Moscow today revealed 410 cases of novel coronavirus infection.