Despite all the restrictions, the construction of the metro did not stop. During this entire period of time running approximately 14 km of metro lines. Until the end of the year we plan to run a total of 25 km of new lines, – the mayor told. – A big building, a large number of people, a large number of equipment. Metro stop is impossible due to the fact that it is a continuous process. And this is a major construction project for Moscow and Muscovites. The Eastern section of the Great circle line is about 11 km and Most of it dug a 10-foot Board.

He added that 5 may from “Maple Boulevard” tunnel complex “Victory” began the boring of the double track tunnel towards station “Kashirskaya”.

the shield with a symbolic name made in China the Russian and Chinese engineers and taken North by sea, first to St. Petersburg and then in Moscow, – said the mayor.

He recalled that today in Moscow, the construction resumed and all the other objects. Provided that the heads of the construction projects will create the necessary conditions for obligatory observance of sanitary norms and rules.

let me Remind you, is currently in Moscow to build the metro at 13.6 thousand people. Each of them have their temperature taken at the entrance to the site and during the working day. Employees with fever and signs of SARS are immediately excluded from work.

All workers are provided with disposable masks and means for processing of hands. In addition, all air disinfection using UV irradiation, wet cleaning using disinfectants.

Construction of the Eastern section of BKL a subway with four stations, “Maple Avenue”, “Nagatinsky Zaton”, “Printers” and “textile workers” began in 2017. Section total length is 11.4 km, Trains will run in one large tunnel with a diameter of 10 metres in two ways in both directions.

Now comes the sinking of 1.45 km double-track tunnel from the station “Maple Boulevard” in the direction of the station “Kashirskaya” – up to site No. 2, where a large tunnel acticoat traditional two single-track tunnels with a diameter of 6 m. to Complete the excavation is planned for October of this year.

the Designers of the station, “Maple Boulevard” to work on her project took into account the close proximity to the Museum-reserve “Kolomenskoye”, in whose territory the Church of the ascension is one of the three memorials that are included in the list of world heritage of UNESCO. They tried to minimize the impact of the subway on the reserve. To that end, tracing the line chosen so that the station is “Maple Boulevard” was outside the Park, and the tunnels passed under the part where there is no heritage objects.

to Complete the construction of the station “Maple Boulevard” and the Eastern section of the Great circle line from “Kashirskaya” to “Nizhny Novgorod” is planned before the end of 2022. It is expected that the opening of the stations will improve the transport service of inhabitants of Nagatinsky Creek, Pechatniki, Tekstilshchiki, Nizhny Novgorod, Lefortovo, with a population of over 450 thousand people. They will spend on trips around the city each time less than 10-15 minutes.

since 2011, the city authorities of JSC “Russian Railways” commissioned 301,4 km of track, and 145 stations, three additional vestibule of the metro, ICC and IDC and 10 depots.