Sobyanin: the Situation with coronavirus in Moscow is much better than in other capitals

nevertheless, this fact instead of joy, sometimes why-that generates in social networks rumors that the consequences of the pandemic in Moscow is much wider, but the authorities hide it. “Actually, the situation with coronavirus infection in our city is much better than in many other capitals of the world, – noted the suspicion of the mayor Sergei Sobyanin the TV channel “Russia-1″. We are interested to immediately report all cases of disease,” – said the mayor.

Photo: Sergey Mikheev/RG Sobyanin urged not to panic due to coronavirus

Operational headquarters to control and monitor the situation of infection almost every day reports on the action taken. Hospitalitynet not only diseased, but also those who came in contact with them. On and the website of the Department of health published the flight numbers of the planes, the passengers of which has an infection – in order to take the tests at all, without exception, who flew beside them. Last Saturday the mayor made in his decree of 5 March changes about the new restrictions in the city, who now lives in the mode of increased readiness. If the authorities demanded of mode isolation for two weeks only from residents returning from countries with unfavourable epidemiological situation, now to order by phone the sick list and get it with the courier and have everyone who lives with these people in one apartment.

the decree of the mayor’s irresistible force will protect the business from bankruptcy, and Muscovites from job loss

Among the innovations – and the right of parents to decide for themselves to walk their child to school. Only schools embassies recommendation of the Department of education to declare a two-week vacation more straightforward. All these measures aimed at to protect Muscovites from the spread of infection. To limit transport and institutions are planned. The Moscow government sees in working with people who may be at risk “For panic, no reason. The city is working as usual”.

Photo: Sergey Bobylev / TASS Sergei Sobyanin issued a decree: more than five thousand is not going

This policy is well understood by residents. Doctors of maternity hospital No. 8 proposed to start admission of patients with pneumonia. Explained simply: “Protecting citizens is our duty.” About 40% of beds are standing free. Most mothers help was already rendered, the rest was possible to transfer to the nearest hospital. So I decided the staff of the maternity building of the city clinical hospital named. VP Demikhova them to convert the detached building to the infectious case. The head of the Department of health Alexei Khripun offer physicians took, noting that it is a necessary measure as long as the epidemiological situation in the city stabiliziruemost.

the Policy of the city authorities is producing results. The first patient was discharged on March 8, reminded the Deputy mayor for social development Anastasia Rakova. Three received two negative analysis of the coronavirus – this is an obvious candidates for quick discharge. “We have treated 17 patients, none of them is in critical condition – said the chief doctor of the city hospital N 40 Denis Protsenko. – In ICU is a patient, but it there is a clear improvement.” And 52 patients from the medical center Sunday was discharged. Put them here with suspected coronavirus. They spent the required 14 days. The diagnosis was not confirmed. The number discharged was the citizen of Iran Arman Fallah. He proudly showed a certificate stating that caronaviRus had not.

Video recitors-major: this does not mean that you can just not go to work

the Moscow mayor’s Executive order of March 14 came and totally new paragraph: “Measures taken in connection with the distribution of the threat of coronavirus, will be recognized as force majeure”. This is a legal term which is fixed in clause 3. article 401 of the Civil code of the Russian Federation (“the Basis of liability for breach of an obligation”). Whom it is addressed and in what situations it can help, said “RG” Alexey Kupriyanov, the Honourable lawyer of Russia.

by force majeure Circumstances or “force majeure” in civil matters referred to the occurrence of such extraordinary and unavoidable circumstances, the cause of which cannot be made the conditions of civil contracts. The category of such contracts are almost all transactions of every citizen and legal entity.

Photo: iStock Insurers will return the money for not in demand because of the coronavirus policies

If the breach of contract by one party usually suffers losses. As a General rule, in this case the guilty party is in breach of contract party is liable to its counterparty the liability provided by contract or applicable law. Pays the fines, penalties, damages, including lost profits.

Moreover, if the fault of the individuals for the recovery of all of these responsibilities require special evidence in court, an individual entrepreneur or commercial organization is responsible almost always. In other words, if you make a slip entrepreneur, he is obliged to pay always, except in one case. And the situation is force majeure. The civil code provides that guilty of breach of contract side of Oslosozdaetsya from liability if he proves that the nonperformance of the contract, its incomplete execution, or the defect has arisen due to force majeure due to force majeure.

But note: in this case we are not talking about the automatic release of liability. We should not think that if today declared force majeure, then the workers can go to work (not to execute the employment agreement), carriers are unable to fulfill the schedule (contract of carriage), and the utility to serve in the house warm (the same contractual relationship).

In all cases of breach of contract and will have to prove in court that a citizen or legal person has not complied with its obligations in force are listed in the decree of the mayor of Moscow circumstances. For example, the prohibition of large-scale public events will release the concert organization from the obligation to pay a fine to a favourite singer for canceling a long-planned concert. The ban on entry into the country of stay and other restrictions of tourism released the tourism company from fines and penalties stipulated by the legislation on consumer rights. In the case of significant morbidity of its staff namely coronavirus suppliers of heat will not pay fines at a low temperature in the housing batteries.

It is, I stress, on liability for breach of contract. But force majeure does not mean that the travel company should return the money for the failed tour, and the management company for the battery to charge, both are hot.

Photo: AP Photo/Ringo H. W. Chiu Mask of coronavirus lost per week, $ 5.5 billion

with regard to the payment for the mortgage by the person obliged to pay the IPOTek and suddenly sick with coronavirus, categorically declares: to pay main debt certainly is. And mortgage interest also you will not release unless the total delay of a special Federal law, and not in connection with the decree of the Moscow mayor. With regard to penalties and fines for delay, the question is not as straightforward as with the tour company. And the answer will give only a judicial practice next year. But rather no, than Yes, as the circumstances of individual serious illness coronavirus are indistinguishable in a contractual relationship with the Bank from the sudden illness of the debtor or staging cancer or any other diagnosis. Therefore, the consequences of all diseases should be similar. It is not obvious and the suspension of the running of the Statute of limitations for claims, the deadline of which came to the decree of the mayor. Such suspension will only take place, if not the courts themselves. And this has already happened in some States. Indeed, in the courts, as you know, people get judged no matter what flu and quarantine.

the Decree is aimed primarily at assistance to businesses, which can indeed fail from a sharp decline in speed while paying huge fines under the legislation on consumer rights and other laws that protect the rights of citizens. On the other hand is help and the citizens – protection against mass dismissals in case of bankruptcy of employers in vulnerable sectors of the economy.

Prepared Natalia Kozlova