Sobyanin spoke to the employers asking to go to

the mayor reminded that they have signed a decree on the introduction of a number of serious constraints that affect the daily life of the city. In particular, limited or completely banned the leisure, sports and other mass events. Suspended the program for the elderly “Moscow longevity.” From March 21 to be temporarily stopped classes in schools. Closed many theaters, museums, clubs. Postponed or cancelled major sporting events.

Photo: Sergey Pyatakov/ RIA Novosti Sobyanin announced the extension of restrictive measures for coronavirus

Dozens of businesses and organizations have voluntarily transferred their employees to work remotely.

“In the circumstances, I appeal to all employers to follow their example and, if possible, to transfer part of your employees to work from home, – says the mayor. – This is especially true of women whose children in the next few weeks will not go to school.” And emphasizes: “thus you will make a huge contribution to the fight against coronavirus infection.”

to Inform about the decisions taken and share the experience of organizing remote work (submit copies of orders, guidelines, press releases and other materials), the mayor suggested email: And asked: “will inform in the letter the phone number to contact you. I know how important this measure is beginning to work. Best practices will be published on the portal”.

for his part, Sobyanin promised to instruct the departments of the government of Moscow to consider the possibility of switching to remote operation of organizations and enterprises of the relevant sectors. According to his calculations, it would be nice at this stage to pursue the transition to “deleteenku” 15-30% of office workers. And another important fact, said the head of the city’s telecommuting means performing job duties with payment of wages. Please do not replace her forced vacation at his own expense”.