The emergence of a new culture — the most important condition to ensure normal life in the new reality. As reported RIA Novosti, said the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin.

Yesterday, as reported by “the Rambler”, Sobyanin took part in the meeting on the sanitary-epidemiological situation in Russia. In the course of it he said that the likelihood of further spread of coronavirus infection COVID-19 will be maintained for a long time.

“We must provide a normal life in a new reality, based on the challenges that we are facing,” he added.

The mayor said that long discussed with Cabinet members and colleagues of the steps necessary to ensure a normal life. According to the results of the discussions were dedicated to five key areas. The most important Sobyanin said that the emergence of a new cultural behavior, and the others are not mentioned.

Sobyanin said about reducing the number of hospitalizations with COVID-19

“a Behavior that involves utmost care of their own health and care about those who are close with them. This is the most important, the key story,” he explained.