Sobyanin opened the largest coronavirus in the hospital clinical hospital №15

Inspecting a new hospital, deployed in the city clinical hospital №15 named after Filatov, the city mayor Sergei Sobyanin said:

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Today we introduce to this system, the largest in the country the clinic to combat the coronavirus, designed by 1,3 thousand beds. Will work here 2.7 thousand employees, one way or another will be involved. God forbid that the assistance was not needed, but if need be, the hospital Filatov is ready.

the work of restructuring the hospital network for treatment of citizens with suspected coronavirus now employs about 2 thousand specialists, said the mayor.

According to head physician GKB №15 Valeria Vechorko, the entire staff has been trained to work with patients with coronavirus infection. For this it conducted numerous webinars, lectures and briefings. Chair working at the hospital, professors, heads of departments were actively involved in retraining of doctors and nurses.

Vecherko assured the mayor that the hospital is fully provided with medicines and personal protective equipment.

in Addition to the 1 thousand 315 beds, the hospital has an intensive care unit with a capacity of 111 beds, which if necessary can be expanded for patients with suspected coronavirus infection. The clinic is equipped with 146 resuscitators and two ecmo.

Patients with a confirmed diagnosis and people waiting for the results of the analysis will be separate from each other. Nurses will come to them through a specially equipped gateway. This will protect healthcare workers from Contracting a dangerous infection.

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Chamber where hospitalitynet Muscovites with suspected coronavirus, are equipped with bactericidal units to maintain the required level of air cleanliness. Organized service of disinfection. Connected feedback system “Ask the doctor”, which is available to be using the QR code found in offices. In the next few days in the hospital will supply additional equipment and will begin the work of additional personnel.

Only present for the treatment of patients with coronavirus in the city already prepared a Department of eight hospitals. Among them, the medical centre in Kommunarka, the city infectious diseases hospital No. 1 and 2, hospital for veterans of wars in Shabolovka, DGKB name of Vashlaevoj, research Institute of emergency care named Sklifosovsky clinical hospital No. 67 name Vorohoba (the new building) and the clinical hospital №15 named after Filatov.

Ahead of the redevelopment of a number of multidisciplinary hospitals. According to the mayor Sergei Sobyanin in the near future patients will be able to make 5 thousand beds.