Sobyanin: Moscow will work with all pharmacies and grocery stores

He stressed that they are imposed temporarily for the time of week weekend from 28 March to 5 April, the President of Russia announced for the whole country. Their goal is to make Russians stay at home and thereby slowed the spread of coronavirus infection. In this regard, the to a halt restaurants, cafes, bars, canteens and other catering establishments, except those that prepare meals to go. No longer work retail, except grocery stores, drugstores and pharmacies. Parks citywide importance also closed the entrance for visitors: exhibition center, Gorky Park, Zaryadye, Sokolniki, Kuskovo, Tsaritsino, Kolomenskoe.

Photo: Sergey Bobylev/TASS Sobyanin: the Peak incidence of the coronavirus has not yet passed, we are at the beginning

Temporarily stop work and services, demanding personal presence of the person, for example, hairdressers. With the exception of the company for the provision of medical services, babysitters, social services. Will continue the work of banks, transport, communications, housing and communal offices, a funeral company. There were no restrictions on services, which are implemented by the remote or by delivery couriers.

Understanding the feelings of Muscovites, the mayor, however, asked residents of the capital to refrain these days from visiting the temples.

the Abolition of free travel, introduced to schoolchildren and pensioners, said the mayor, as volunteers with students who in these days have become volunteers.

Photo: Sergey Savostyanov/TASS Russia stops all air traffic with other countries

Asked the mayor and to the residents of other regions to refrain these days from trips to the capital and not put themselves at risk of infection. These measures are unprecedented, says the mayor, they create a lot of inconvenience to daily life. “But, believe me, they are absolutely necessary in order to slow the spread of coronavirus infection and reduce the number of cases,” writes the mayor.