– Understand that nothing is perfect no, someone didn’t call so arrived a little late, something said. But overall, the system performed admirably, – said Sobyanin the TV channel “Russia 1”. The whole, from top to bottom: emergency care, testing, labs, just the whole system worked as a single machine.

According to the mayor, the city medicine was one of the most efficient in the world. “I doubt that somewhere in at least one city in the world, in one country it so happened, – said Sobyanin. – Our system was one of the most effective, able to protect citizens, even in comparison with the most powerful States. Many who were at that time in Spain, France, Italy, wanted to come to Russia.”

Every “difficult” patient in Moscow, said the mayor, was secured by a system of artificial ventilation and intensive care. A shortage of beds, according to Sobyanin, the city has not been faced.

New cases COVID-19 in Moscow every day revealed less. Decrease the number of seriously ill patients. In recent days in the capital were only 717 cases of coronavirus is a record low for two and a half months.