Sobyanin has inspected the construction of Infectious hospital in Moscow

As already wrote “RG”, to build this hospital was resolved after Moscow imposed a state of high alert. Free site found in the settlement of Raven. The nearest houses – about 300 meters, in fact the open field. “Had to lay miles of temporary roads, – said Deputy mayor for urban policy and the construction of Andrey Bochkarev. – Came here with a team of contractors equipment.” In the construction area along the Kaluga road are now working, regulators, builders give priority to.

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Future hospital campus is built on 40 acres. The movement here is almost busier than it is now on the ring road. “Now there are more than 5 thousand builders, -said Sobyanin. And more than a thousand emergency vehicles”. The constructors here are on duty round the clock doctors and experts of Moscow state construction supervision. From the speakers sounds Visotsky and Tsoi. “Still the 11th there was just a field, the mayor recalled. Now 40 percent of the work done”.

the Main at this stage was to lay the Foundation for the hospital building. And now it seems to be the case only for the Assembly. We will remind that the hospital is built of fabricated structures. “But it’s not temporary structures, explained Bochkarev. – This hospital will serve the city for 30 more years”. In total, the hospital complex will be 50 buildings. The most important of them – the medical center and the intensive care, a total of 500 seats. But also its own laboratory for detecting the virus, dormitories for doctors and utilities. “This is the most modern and efficient clinic in Moscow”, – said Sobyanin.

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the Exact date of opening is calledAMB is too early, said the Deputy mayor. On the one hand, seems to be left a bit: just assemble pre-fabricated structures. But on the other, you need to fully equip the hospital engineering systems, including its own oxygen station, and a system of air disinfection.

Previously, the patients with coronavirus began in seven urban hospitals. Moscow has also opened eight private laboratories for the early detection of the virus.