the Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin welcomed the young citizens who participated in the first after the lifting of the isolation regime of mass action – sports festival in the Luzhniki stadium, dedicated to the youth Day.

During the meeting the mayor congratulated the participants of the festival happy youth Day and talked about how to develop sports infrastructure in the capital.

“About ten thousand of sports fields in the city did: in squares, in parks, in yards. Jogging tracks, walking paths – all you can do”, – said Sergei Sobyanin, adding that, in addition to continuously operating sports objects in each of the districts of the city to construct temporary structures for practicing outdoor sports.

According to the Mayor, temporary sports facilities like capital, but it is pre – engineered structures, built by the city, and attracting private investment.

Youth sports festival in “Luzhniki” brought together major sporting and street youth cultural community of Moscow. Twelve sites everyone can enjoy outdoor and extreme sports and dances, including pump track Cycling, freestyle, skateboard, street workout, streetball and volleyball, Panna football, parkour, trampoline, freestyle, rock climbing, break dancing. In addition, the program includes training of cheerleaders dedicated to the new Olympic sports: breakdance, skateboarding, BMX freestyle and others. Classes are subject to the requirements of social distancing – no more than ten people on one platform.