According to the latest surveys, the pandemic, which has lasted two and a half years, is causing problems for the Bundesliga. The interest in German football has therefore decreased noticeably. That comes from a survey.

Sobering results: The soccer Bundesliga shows a severe loss of interest on the part of the fans, as a survey by the voting app “FanQ” and the “FC PlayFair!” indicates. 70 percent of more than 6,200 fans had previously stated that their enthusiasm for the league had “rather decreased” or even “decreased significantly” over the course of the second Corona season.

Short, compact, clear

No attractiveness: In particular, according to 51.5 percent of those surveyed, the attractiveness of German football has fallen sharply, and another majority lack excitement. In addition, 44.0 percent of supporters feel that they are not being taken seriously, while 43.9 percent condemn the commercialization of the league at the same time.

Positive rays of hope: Despite the overall bad results for the Bundesliga, those responsible can be happy about some positive highlights in the survey. Among other things, the atmosphere in the stadiums in the past season was “good” to “very good” according to 62.5 percent of the fans surveyed.