Liverpool FC cannot shine as usual in the last finals. The departure of a top Reds player will not contribute to an early improvement in case of doubt for the time being.

Goal drought: The 0-1 in the Champions League final against Real Madrid is Liverpool FC’s third final this year without a goal of their own. The question now is how the club will react to this. After all, top striker Sadio Mané is said to be on the verge of a change. According to Steven Gerrard, the club urgently needs “a new strong number 8”.

Offensive conversion: Jürgen Klopp can still hope for Mané’s teammate Mohamed Salah. Although the Egyptian national player’s contract ends in 2023, due to Mané’s upcoming transfer, a departure should not be pending, as the “kicker” reports. In addition, the club is now also interested in Ousmane Dembélé from Barcelona.

In the final meters: Before the final game in the premier class, the Reds had not scored a goal in regular time in the national cup finals against Chelsea. However, Liverpool won the games on penalties.

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