At the turn of June and July television of passion go on vacation. All the big premieres and ambitious projects are being prepared by September, that is the beginning of the new season. While it is difficult to imagine what TV will surprise in a pandemic, but at the end of last season we must admit that the surprise is ready.

what is surprising are the last three months, that is, the time when the channels are switched to anti-virus mode. All of these forced changes and so changed the topic, and the tone of the conversations, and even a picture on the same TV peacetime immediately forgotten. The contrast really turned out spectacular. In the controversial talk show for a time, but began to emerge almost a humanitarian issue, instead of a secular screamers in the air there is quite authoritative experts, and even in the news is temporarily stopped search and public flogging of all who are against us. Then it was back to the usual Bazaar-station, but a residue still remained.

And yet the series, which now increasingly appear distant from the traditional broadcast mode. The main premieres, including the series “Cheeky” — it’s called almost “Team” for feminists, was on digital platforms, and this type of screening already becomes not so much an alternative to broadcast TV, how much is another way to inspire the audience on leisure time in front of any home screen.

But some of the producers of the series go even further. Last week free was three episodes of the web series “amron” (“Norma” opposite). Each series taken as a finished film, duration of the episodes is different, and no traditional seasons, the authors do not plan to. As the main actors of the project was Nikita Kukushkin, Aleksandr Gorchilin, and Ksenia Sobchak, who starred in the episode entitled “the President Sobchak zeroed”.

the plot of the series, the future of Russia is ruled by the Orthodox neural network, which apparently is a local version of liberalism. Sobchak did become President, and the TV channel “Rain” — the main sovereign broadcaster. But even with this turn of events becomes clear: whatever happens in Russia, all this will certainly turn into a a horrible Thriller.

the Emergence of the project of Ksenia Sobchak in the role of herself could hardly be considered a request for all the acting awards in the world. However, Ksenia downright irresistible in the hat of the cyber Monomakh, and in a situation reminiscent of the state of BDSM.

in General, Ms. Sobchak will be properly called one of the heroines of last season. She managed everywhere. Became diva “Docking Power”, and star nightmare in his show on YouTube, even brave journalist who suffers in trying to expose the aggressive sectarians. If our main copper��genre of absurdist Comedy, it is the Board an absolute star, and almost without competitors.