Popular TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak, commenting on live broadcasts of stars in social networks, I noticed that they arrange all sorts of challenges not from a great mind. According to her, the brain in contrast to the buttocks is not photoshop, so a socialite disgraced.

To live already “slave” will not send you need to broadcast their own thoughts, their desperate no. In the best case. Well, at worst — we have what we have, examples you have seen. Because all these beautiful people with perfect faces are not heavily burdened with intelligence, and what you want? — ironically she wrote in Instagram.

Sobchak added that many celebrities do not store their blogs. Help them specialists.

Earlier wrote that blogger Anastasia Ivlieva decided to declare “war” singer Olga Buzova, ridiculed her challenge. The girl noticed time and again that the team is the star “House-2” steals her ideas.