As the kommunikationsrådgiveren Scroll Grabow on Monday was at the pharmacy to buy medicine, she was something of a surprise.

the Price of the antidepressant medication fluoxetine, which she has taken for 30 years, was ottedobbelt.

“I get it every third month, and as I had to buy it the other day, I could see that the price had increased significantly. It used to cost 50 bucks, now should I give 400 dollars,” she says to B. T.

The significant price increase is, however, no problem for her, she stresses, but it can, as she says, easily been for the many thousands of other danes, who daily have to take the medicine.

“It is worrying, I think. If you stop taking the medication, so you can become psychotic and very ill, and it can in the worst case, cost lives,” she says further.

So she sat down and also the home behind her computer screen and wrote about the issue on social media Twitter, where she encouraged her followers to be aware of relatives who may not afford the medicine in these times.

And one of them is 51-year-old Ditte from Hillerød, denmark. She is on welfare, but she doesn’t want to stand forward with a name and face. B. T. is familiar with her identity.

“I have taken the drug for five years, and if it is as expensive as it is now, so I have quite simply not afford it,” says Ditte.

“When I bought it the last time, I had to go weeping from the pharmacy, because it was already very expensive. But it is apparently the drug companies that control it completely,” says Ditte.

Association: the Producers disappear

In Denmark, we operate with prisperioder of 14-day duration of the offer from the country’s pharmacies.

The company that has the lowest price in the period on the drug, will win virtually the entire market to sell the company’s drug in a period of two weeks.

But if the number of manufacturers that produce the drug, is declining, or virtually non-existent, so it also means that the price often increases.

And that is precisely the case with the antidepressant medication, tell analysechef of the Evaluation, Per Nielsen.

“In the course of the past year, eight out of 10 manufacturers of fluoxetine left the market, and it may be due to the fact that there have been delivery problems, and that the products have been difficult to obtain,” he says, and adds:

“that’s Why many kopiproducenter thrown in the towel, so that right now only the original manufacturer as well as a single kopiproducent, and it screws the price in the weather.”

He rejects at the same time, the current coronakrise in any way should have an impact on the price of fluoxetine or any other medicines.

“the Competition is weakened, and there is thus an unfortunate coincidence lapping of the waves.”

According to Per Nielsen, there is good and well-10.000 danes, who take fluoxetine.