Safest school search

The shortest way to school is not always the safest. Dangerous points such as construction sites or heavily trafficked roads should be avoided where possible. Traffic lights, pedestrian crossings and Central Islands are well suited to the Cross roads. A little detour is worth it.

way to school with the child to rehearse

If the safest Route to the school is found, parents should rehearse with your child – to be the best time to take advantage of it the way during the school year. The first graders should know where dangers lurk and how to deal with them.

way to school-communities

The child, from the beginning, alone send to school, is not a good idea. Only from the age of about eight years, children can assess the anticipated. A sensible solution: children from the neighborhood go in the beginning accompanied by an adult to school together, then later alone. Don’t they teach the children the correct behavior in the group, so as not to distract each other.

in the Morning, allow enough time

you Give yourself and your children enough time in the morning. Stress can cause kids to choose unsafe abbreviations, race or other traffic participants inattentive of it.

School traffic, beginners

Not only with the Enrolment, parents should their children with the peculiarities of transport are familiar. Everyday traffic situations are welcome occasions for children to introduce early on to safe behavior. With a certain Routine, the correct behavior is transparent, in typical situations, such as when Crossing a road.

should be best On a horse to walk to school

children on the way to school, if possible, to walk best. So train yourself to listen to your skills such as the evaluation of distances or direction, and learn to recognize hazards in the Road itself. The school Run is too long, it is recommended to travel with the public TRANSPORT. Here, too, you should not send the child in School, from the beginning, alone on the path and exact arrangements for unforeseen cases, such as the failure of a connection to meet.

about the car

in exceptional cases, students should be with the car. The confusing tumult and the wild Park of parents taxis in front of school buildings, the risk of accidents.

As a parent, being a role model

children are based on the behavior of their caregivers. If you exemplify behavior safe transport, imitate it to their children.

visibility brings safety

Because of their small body size children of other traffic participants more easily overlooked. Especially in the winter months, you should increase the visibility through bright or reflective clothing.

attention motorists!

motorists are now required to think of the inexperienced first-graders and to be just after the summer holidays, in the vicinity of schools particularly mindful.