Every day, to penetrate in Switzerland, about 100 burglar forcibly in an apartment. That’s reason enough to think about the safety of your own house thoughts. Because often the simple measures are already an effective barrier to potential burglars.

How to burglar your object of desire? “You look with your trained eye, as a house is secured,” says Markus Stauffer, branch Manager safe Living in Switzerland. “In most cases, we have to do it spontaneously collapses to. The most common break-ins take place during the day, often after the midday to early evening. When people are at Work or shopping.”

“It will be broke the whole year through”

Who thinks, in the summer, one was from burglars as well as safe, are completely wrong. “Many years ago, one could notice a tendency, especially in the winter months was broken into,” the security expert continued. “This is no longer so pronounced. It will be broke the whole year through.”

during the holidays, burglars will have a boom. Who sends his friends on Instagram or Facebook Sunny greetings from the beach, is doing yourself a disservice. “If burglars are familiar with Social Media, that could definitely be an invitation. It reveals that the house or apartment is empty”, warns Markus Stauffer.

Effective protection against burglars

The last, what would a burglar, is caught by the residents in flagrante delicto. That’s why the Spoof is a particularly efficient measure as a deterrent. When it comes to the protection of their own four walls against burglars, is now often of a Smart Home for the speech.

The window will open automatically, the blinds that respond to solar radiation, the lamps are switched on at nightfall and the TV can be controlled remotely. The burglar is fooled, in the building people were, even though they are just there.

Of a house that gives the impression, to be well protected, let crooks rule the Finger. The Supreme principle of the protection against burglary is prevention through deterrence. This and an effective strategy to protect against criminals who try it anyway, can be achieved by cleverly integrated technical security systems. Depending on your needs and Budget the specialists offer different intrusion protection solutions.

motion detectors are also an effective means to break-in attempts to prevent in the dark or twilight. As soon as a heat source – be it a person or car approaches, turns on the motion sensor to a spotlight.

security expert, Markus Stauffer recommends electronic security systems. “But it is important to know that those safety systems alone don’t guarantee protection against burglary.” Alarm and video surveillance systems are not able to prevent a break-in, but you may keep away burglars.

General tips

The most common burglar to penetrate via patio doors or ground floor Windows. Easily accessible and poorly visible by planting patio doors, especially on the back of the Villa, a good point of attack. Traditional window with roll pin fasteners are particularly aufzuhebeln easily.

the Following tips should be heeded to protect against burglars:

you lock the doors with the key, even if you just step out of the house.Multi-point locks increase the security of a door significantly. If the outer side of a door is reinforced with an additional plate of wood, can no longer be recognized of the lever between the door and the frame inner side, but only between the frame and the wood panel.House, apartment, or spare key never outside – for example, under the floor Mat or in a flower pot hide.Window, balcony and terrace doors always close. Tilted window, open window! A burglar can open a tilted window without the use of violence.Every window handle must be lockable. Because even if the window is smashed, preventing the lockable handle, that it can be opened from the inside.Light shaft grating should be massively screwed.Precious valuables, such as jewelry, watches, securities, etc., belong in a safe. The should have a lock with number code and fixed in the masonry walls to be anchored.

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