The “Mario Kart”Games, there are for over 25 years. With over 100 million units sold, Mario Kart is one of the most successful racing game series of all time. The newest edition of “Mario Kart 8 Deluxe” for the Nintendo Switch, runs for the first time at 1080p and has more characters than ever before. If you intend to race your friends about it, then here we have 8 tips for you that will allow you to play like a Pro.

1. Drifting is not

forget Without Drifts, it is just not fast enough. You go early in the Drift, take the curve as closely as possible, and charge the Drift as far as it goes. Purple is the highest level and gives a nice Boost. You can also start already in the air Drift, or a Drift during a Case. (Excluding sailors)

In the 200cc mode, you need to master the technique of Drift-braking. As to braking without it skin every driver from the curve. Just during the drift with the B button, to be able to sharper the curve.

2. Coins pick up the key!

Each collected coin will bring you speed a higher maximum. If possible, try to collect in the first round, 10 coins. If you are hit by an Item, you lose three coins.

If you have only a coin as an Item and a red tank approached, you keep the coin until they have been taken. Then you get back immediately the coins and have almost the same speed as before the hit.

3. Be sociable

If you are in a Anti-gravity, go into your against player. It gives you a short speed boost. The against players, but is not prepared!

4. Items smart use

If you are in leadership, and a coin and a tank, or have a banana, “do not throw” the coin! Because of the Buuhuu-the subject of another driver steals your always the first Item that you keep. The coin is so-so as a protection against them is to steal the precious defense!

The Piranha Plant can eat the squid! In addition, you can press the Item button multiple times (spamming), when the Plant is active, so that it snaps shut. Mushrooms you should keep until you can take a shortcut.

5. The best driver combinations

For experienced drivers in the 150cc mode, we recommend heavy characters:

Morton/Bowser/Wario/bones-bowser wild Wiggler/standard Bike/flame-bike-small/small(blue)clouds balloons

For the 200cc mode, something lighter, have good Handling:

Yoshi/Donkey Kong/waluigi dots-Kart/scooter-small/small(blue)of Any skid 6. On the floor come back

It is in the air slower than on the ground. Drum: So fast it goes back on the floor again!

7. Rear-view mirror will not forget

With the X-button you can look behind. You should get into the habit, in order to keep the opponent behind you right in the eye.

8. So you have to escape the blue tanks

of Course there is the super horn to destroy the blue tanks. But I’m sure you know already. You can escape the tanks, but also, if you have a fungus. To do this, you need to allow the tank to fly. Before he meets her, he turns on the top of your head in a circle. Just before he plunges down, you must use the mushroom Boost. Then you go to him!

Here you can find a Video.