From a little white lie makes every now and again use, you have no desire to go with colleagues after work to drink? Of course it would be better if you admit it honestly and openly. If you don’t want to confront your office gspänli but with the truth, they invent an excuse.

but Who starts to construct a larger lie, should think about whether this is worthwhile really. For example, there are people who cheat in order to get a coveted Job, or to save the partnership. Sooner or later, the truth eventually comes to light. Why not put the same on the table?

find out Who wants to, whether he is lied to by someone or not, you can keep the following five tips. With bait you have questions you can follow up, and much to the reaction of the counterpart in the first five seconds after the question.

instead, you

liar, set not like. Therefore, use you often instead of personal pronouns such as I or you.

looks and non-verbal hints

Who’s lying, behaving in a most strange or unusual. Fast liar change the direction of view between the left and right and try to avoid eye contact. Non-verbal actions can also give a hint: Increased self-touching or deviations from normal behavior may indicate that someone is lying.

Targeted bait questions

you Attract the potential liar from the Reserve. You ask him the question, what in his opinion happened to a man who has smelled the Discussed verb. What punishment should await him? If someone is guilty, and from the Situation, to talk attempts, he will give a mild punishment. Who is innocent, they will opt for a strict punishment.

The Problem is usually: liars often try to manipulate the perception of your character. They are so noisy, if someone is arguing for a lenient sentence. If someone demands a harsh sentence, then ignore it.

reaction time

responding As someone in the first five seconds after a question that revealed a lot about his nature. In this short period of time in detail as to the behavior of your counterpart. Because five seconds, the brain needs to have a strategy to grow along.

While it rattles in the head, the body reacts. The face can around, to derail, to stutter someone starts, or twitching, To her fiddles with his clothes. There can be different signs – focus and try to interpret so Unusual. It can be an indication that the Person flunkert.

evasions and repetitions

Who honestly does respond, the most direct and spontaneous. Fraud may be hard to do, to lie to you right in the face and get bogged down, therefore, in excuses. Who wants to convince his interlocutor that uses a lot of reps, and trying in order to avoid contradictions. But this is also not the truth is a lie.