Many are being asked to stay at home in quarantine for the time being, without that they are sick.

When should you avoid to be sitting quietly in your favorite chair.

Whether you tend to be active or not, there is none that is good for two weeks on the couch without being sick, ” says personal trainer Yngvar Andersen.

Be well-trained in the living room with Yngvar, You can train in quarantine

Andersen says that if the allmenntilstanden well, is also training good for you.

Norwegian institute of public health (FHI) agree.

– Are you in quarantine, it is only good to train. The vast majority of that is sitting in quarantine is fresh, has not been infected and we do not get the disease. Then it only makes sense to move, ” says Petter Elstrøm, a scientist at the FHI.

It is mentally distressing to sit and hold a long time, and you can quickly go on the wall in quarantine.

– get out, take a run or work out in a different way without being in contact with others is good, he adds.

In it you will get symptoms you will automatically be transferred from quarantine to isolation, even if you do not have tested you for korona.

– Then you don’t leave home. In isolation, you should not go out before isolasjonsperioden is over, emphasizes Elstrøm.

How sick you are is very different. If you then want to work out or not is controlled by your health.

– Have you ease your symptoms and take some yoga or other light exercise, you need to be happy to do it at home. So true it doesn’t feel burdensome. But you should not, therefore, out on a jog or go out for other reasons when you have symptoms, he points out.

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1. Apps with workout program

you Will not spend so much time on hjemmetreningen, there are several apps with a quick training program that takes seven minutes.

These exercises are effective, require minimal equipment and can be done on the living room floor.

Run like the program in several rounds after each other if you want.

Strength training without equipment at home in the living room.

Photo: Karina Kaupang Jørgensen / NRK 2. Yoga

the Internet is full of short and long yogavideoer. You become hooked you can download an app with a yogaprogram that suits you.

Yoga makes you better at breathing, a little smoother and a little stronger in the core muscles.

– the Yoga you may like to do every day, and even two sessions a day. Bevegelighetstrening is good if you have to stay at home and miss out on hverdagsaktivitet on the way to and from work, encourage Andersen.

most living rooms have the space for a yogamatte.

Photo: Karina Kaupang Jørgensen / NRK 3. Sliding around on the parquet

Personal trainer Tessa Sørensen has previously shown us how you can train with the “sklimatter”.

Most have these mats at home, but wool socks work just as well.

Here you can slide around and become strong as long as you can stand, and advance a little for each session.

Tessa Sørensen shows strength training with sklimatter.

Photo: Karina Kaupang Jørgensen / NRK 4. Knit

do you happen to exercise bands, there is a sea of exercises you can do at home.

our bungys come in different colors, and the difference is how heavy it is to train with them.

Personal trainer Cornelis Elander shows the resistance exercises with elastic band.

Photo: Karina Kaupang Jørgensen / NRK 5. Yngvars hjemmeøvelser

Trebarnspappa Yngvar Andersen is known from both the “Two buksestørrelser down” and the snazzy comments that you don’t need fancy equipment or lots of time to get in shape.

– It is a job, and you just have to do it, ” he says.

And the job is great in quarantine.

you Have six minutes, he has these exercises you can do anywhere.

And since he is known to not let any get away:

You can work out in the comfort of your couch, with kjøkkengrytene as weights or using your baby as weight.

Coach Yngvar Andersen shows how you can train the whole body in six minutes. Photo: KARINA KAUPANG JØRGENSEN/Norwegian broadcasting corporation You need javascript to see the video.

Coach Yngvar Andersen shows how you can train the whole body in six minutes. Photo: KARINA KAUPANG JØRGENSEN/NRK

6. A steep staircase

Is it possible to leave home, you can find yourself a staircase.

Take a trip on that point there are the fewest possible other in the stairs. Work your way up in pace form your implies.

Either you are well trained or novice, you’ll instantly get in better shape with trappetrening.

get in shape with trappetrening. Photo: Karina Kaupang Jørgensen/NRK

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Listen to your body

Are you not so active to normal you might see on a koronakarantene as your ticket to a more active lifestyle.

– Two weeks is the time to get into good habits and know how good it can be with training. Try you on different exercises and treningsformer in quarantine, and take your new habits out in the normal everyday life again, encourage Yngvar Andersen.

It is not dangerous daily activity in the quarantine. On the contrary, it is probably only good for you.

– If there is time enough I would recommend to train every day, but like different training, ” he concludes.