The Snacking of dried fruit goes way back. Already in earlier times, the dried caravans your fruit by burying it in the hot desert sand. With the Snack they were prepared for long trips. And even today, dried fruits are Packed for travel, Hiking or as a School-mid-morning snack.

you’d have to Buy in the supermarket, dried fruit, goes that sometime in the money. Quite simply and without much effort, the Snack can also be self-prepared.

dried fruit, do-it-yourself One or more baking tray(s) with parchment paper and set the oven to maximum 50 degrees (top and bottom heat) preheat. The desired fruit, clean and if necessary remove the seeds. In fine slices, the slices – the thinner, the faster the dry fruit is ready.The prepared fruit on the sheet and in the oven. The oven door should not be closed completely, so that the liquid leaking from the oven can escape. Just a ladle in the oven door terminals.The fruit for several hours in the oven. Only when the pressure no more moisture from the Snack escapes, he can still bend, is the dry fruit finish.

you snacks prefer vegetables? This is not a Problem! In the same way, you can dry vegetables. Onions, mushrooms, and tomato are particularly recommended.

Alternatively, dry fruits or dehydrated vegetables can be prepared with a special dehydrator. This is similar to a Mini-oven and instead of high heat, with warm to hot air.


Who wants to make a whole stock bearings, you should make sure that the dry fruits are properly stored. Keep the Snack works especially well in glass vessels. Make sure, however, that before the fruit left is well cooled.

How healthy is dried fruit really?

It always comes down to the amount of it: fruits and vegetables in dried Form are certainly healthier than deep fried Chips or chocolate. You eat but a handful of Chips or a whole pack of dried bananas, then the Former certainly has less sugar and calories.

caution: When Drying fruit, the fruit sugar content increases rapidly in height. This happens because the water is lost in the fruit. Fresh fruit contains much less sugar than in dried Form. In addition, the bloating, the consumption of fresh fruit and a lot faster than when you Enjoy for example, dried Apple rings.

The dried vegetables that were not much changed, however. It is already in the raw state, are very low in calories, and that is not changed by the drying process, since no fruit is sugar included.

The good news is that the nutrients and vitamins remain in the Drying of fruits and vegetables for the most part get. Healthy fruit or dehydrated vegetables dry so yet. Only Vitamin C evaporates together with the water during Drying. In addition, the fruit is a substances in dried Form is rich in dietary fiber, which favors the regulation of the digestion. You but consume to much of the Snacks, this can be counter-productive, or in this case, laxative,.