are you for 28 years, a Couple of. However, the rumors will continue to circulate. Because as Woody Allen (84) and Soon-Yi Previn (49) himself got to know, was the comedian with her adoptive mother Mia Farrow (75). And what’s more: The filmmakers began behind the back of the actress having an affair with the 35-years younger Soon-Yi.

In his new autobiography, “Apropos of Nothing” describes All these days and now with his own words and takes no sheet before the mouth. “It took a while for love to us, but it happened and it surprised the both of us,” writes Allen. No wonder: The US-Americans was 56 and Soon-Yi, 21.

“We could not let the fingers from each other”

The affair is said to have also begun years before. Allen continues: “We went for a walk, talked a lot and enjoyed the presence of the Other. And, of course, we also went to bed.” Then the words, the beat, currently, particularly in the United States high waves come: “When we came together, ruled the Lust unchallenged. We could not leave each other the Finger.”

Farrow discovered Nude pictures

Farrow discovered the affair when she in the Nude in 1992 and found pictures of their adoptive daughter in the apartment of All. “Of course, I understand their shock, their shock, their anger, all of it. She has correctly responded to,” describes the filmmaker this Moment. Nevertheless, he regretted the relationship with Soon-Yi never.

For All the records in his book a little as the Savior of the adoptive daughter of his Ex. These have never cared about their children and they are often with the hair brush hit. Your seven adopted children have you treated like “toys”.

daughter Dylan accusing him of sexual abuse

Serious allegations – especially since All of Farrow’s biological daughter, Dylan (34), which he adopted, is accused for years of sexual abuse. In an open letter in the New York Times described it, Dylan, like All of you to have needs in the attic of Farrow’s New York apartment miss. At the time she was seven years old. The proceedings against All the it never, the Prosecutor stressed, however, that there is a “reasonable suspicion”.

All this accusations in his new book: “I have made with Dylan’s never something that could be considered inappropriate. It was invented from the beginning.” Allen believes that Mia Farrow daughter was talking about the abuse to get revenge on him.

a Demonstration against the publication of

one way or the other: To date, the allegations have consequences for All. His autobiography was originally intended to appear on the Arcade Publishing-publishing, but about Hachette. Since there is, however, also be Allen’s biological son Ronan Farrow (34), the thought of his sister always has a contract, has been described by the investigative journalist against the publication. According to Ronan Farrow’s criticism of other employees are also opposed Allen’s book and demonstrated, among other things, in front of the publishing building. In this country the book will be released on Friday under the title “by the Way” of the Rowohlt-Verlag. (klm)