Ursula von der Leyen (60) was in Germany’s family Affairs Minister, labour Minister and defense Minister. Now you will EU Boss – and tackles the big problems.

asylum chaos, dispute, powers, Dead in the Mediterranean sea: The newly elected EU Commission President wants to solve Europe’s refugee problem. In their combative application of speech in the EU Parliament, and in her first Interviews after the election, she called six points.

1. Sea rescue

Von der Leyen makes it clear that Europe had a moral duty to rescue. Several weeks of wandering, as in the case of the “Sea-Watch 3” will be. Instead of individual decisions, the EU Boss wants to happen to a control, where and how private rescue vessels are able to create – and what to do with the rescued people.

2. Battle against smuggling

The fight against organised crime, haulers and smugglers for the new EU Chief priority. Frontex, the guard of the European Agency for border and coastal, to grow up to 2027 on 10’000 Border guards – almost ten times the current Reserve.

3. Italy and Spain relieve

The Mediterranean countries groan under the Dublin System. Von der Leyen calls for a radical reboot. She wants to finally be a unification of the 28 EU member States, such as asylum-seekers in the future, a fair distributed. The fails so far, especially in Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic.

4. Money for Africa,

Von der Leyen wants to invest in the continent and more closely with countries of origin and transit countries work together. Yet many transit countries like Libya or Tunisia, do not apply unconditionally to be safe. Von der Leyen wants refugees to be housed decently.

5. Legal entry paths

The debate over “economic refugees” wants to put the EU’s new Boss with legal Entry, for the bar. Professionals should be able to come through “humanitarian corridors” to Europe.

6. Strict Return

Von der Leyen is for strict repayment rules. Who has the right of asylum is not entitled to protection, to have to leave the EU more consistently.