From our cities, they are no longer indispensable. Electric bicycles and E-scooters have taken over the streets and sidewalks. Yourself to buy is hardly more necessary. In most Cities, you can be hired. Because you delight in but with tourists and Locals so popular, there are more and more renting and Sharing provider.

keep The constantly growing offer, the Overview is not easy, know mobility expert Andrea Auer from the Online comparison is used Comparis: “Different providers and different loan and settlement systems the market is as opaque as the mobile phone subscription market in the years to Zero.” Therefore, Comparis want to bring with an analysis light into the darkness of E-scooters and E-Bikes. However, the list highlights just how opaque the entire market.

rental systems

Apart from the difference between E-scooters, E-Bikes and normal bikes there are also different rental systems. The classical System provides for the vehicle at a Station to pick up and return. Thus, only the E works-scooter-provider “Scoobox” in Basel. More flexible is, if the provider operates a number of stations in a city, and the E-can return a Bike to any of these stations. Thus, the lender of normal bikes and E-Bike-provider “Publibike E-Bike”.

Common free-floating

by far The most flexible System is free floating: The vehicles have no fixed location and can be turned off after the journey just the destination. Anyone looking for a new set of wheels, can be found with a bit of luck is just around the corner of a. It can also happen that, then just no free vehicle is in the vicinity. The majority of E-scooter provider and two out of three E-Bike rental companies to work with this System.


Comparis has determined the prices for two range profiles and compared. It was a short distance of 700 metres or a four minute drive and a long stretch of over 1.5 kilometres, and seven minutes driving time. The prices vary between 2 and 4.15 Swiss francs for E-scooters, as well as 1 and 4.50 francs for E-Bikes. You are usually charged on a per minute basis. A few providers charge a fixed price for 30 minutes (or longer periods of time with normal bikes). And In Geneva, the bicycles in “Genèveroule can be” up to four hours of free rented.