home Thierry Garzotto is spread out the city map of Zurich. Markers around the cemetery Sihlfeld in Zurich. It’s his treasure map: each red cross black diamonds lie dormant in the soil.

Each truffle collector has his own secret places to dig for truffles; Garzotto digs preferably at the cemetery Sihlfeld in Zurich-Wiedikon. The sought-after fungi growing in the city, in Parks and often on cemeteries. “Cemeteries were created on clay and calcareous soils, the pebbles donations of earth, lime,” says Garzotto. Inside the perimeter of the cemetery Sihlfeld, many of the Beeches and oaks are transplanted. The fungus is a symbiosis of braid; no tree, no truffles.

Also in the town of truffles

Garzotto grow truffles is a dealer, the black tubers, he is looking for in his place of residence in the city of Zurich. The season for autumn truffles started in the beginning of September – the treasure hunt on this day begins on the sidewalk in front of the cemetery Sihlfeld. His favorite Bijou has brought Garzotto already – truffle dog Emma (4), a Lagotto-Romagnolo-lady. Without the fine nose of Emma, no truffle lands on Garzottos Breakfast of scrambled eggs. Also, pigs or goats would be suitable truffle-snufflers, but less suitable Pets.

The first cross on the map leads to a blood beech; the ground under the tree looks like scorched earth. “The bald Spots, it’s called brulee – this is a clue to find truffles,” says Garzotto. A good “Where is the truffle Chen?” by Thierry sufficient, and Emma sweeps with his nose to the ground. Not a Minute goes by, and the Snoop is marked with its paw in the honey space.

So, we find the precious tuber

bitch Emma knows exactly how far you can dig, so that the truffles stay in one piece. Very rarely it goes with her, and she devours the tasty treat in Gazottos jacket bag prevent. But before the reward, the treasure is dug. He sleeps about five centimeters under the ground. Garzotto digs with the spade and a small hole at the marked spot and draw a children’s fist-thick truffle from the earth.

Garzotto takes the fungus under the microscope like a piece of gold – “first class,” he says. A good truffle is recognizable by the fact that you can throw on the floor and jumping like a rubber ball, he explains. He cuts away the fungus a corner, and it revealed a brain similar patterning. “Dark as these, it should be this time of year.”

Switzerland – the next truffle country?

In Switzerland there is only black truffles. The more valuable white Alba and black Perigord truffles grow in Italy and France. Garzotto suspected, however, that in Switzerland, too, Perigord truffles grow. He hopes to find in the Jura. “That is where I search first of all the cemeteries.” To him, the idea that “we are to the earth, and from this fine truffles grow like that”.

At the copper beech in Zurich’s Sihlfeld cemetery finds Emma, three other pieces of magnificence. The fungus is also for city life are a treat; they eat it and spread through the feces of the Truffle spores.

After two hours, the treasure ends search. The loot is truffles with 400 grams of lean, normally Garzotto collects a Kilo. He can then sell for 1190 Swiss francs. The 400 grams of land rates on the scrambled eggs throughout the week. Longer than seven days, you should not keep it for you – they dry out and lose Aroma. For replenishment is taken care of; the black tubers to grow within a week and leave the cemetery no rest.