It didn’t have to much to go wrong, so that Boris Johnson (55) moves in on Wednesday in Downing Street 10. On Monday 17 p.m. the vote on the successor to Theresa May, the Commissioner, as Prime Minister only in office ends in the UK. The Ex-foreign Minister, is the big favorite.

He wants the Brexit on the 31. In October, whether with a Deal or without. The Brexit issue is easier to solve than the moon landing, claimed Johnson on Monday in his last column in the British “Telegraph”. As for the flight to the moon, there would be the dispute over the future of the Northern Irish border “technical solutions”. Johnson was referring to the so-called Backstop, the refuse strictly.

Three-way against Johnson’s Brexit Plan

Opposition and party colleagues are alarmed. You doubt that the future Premier can solve the Brexit issue actually. In the election campaign, Johnson revealed serious gaps in knowledge to his Brexit Plan. An independent government study warns that a No-Deal-Brexit crashes the British in the recession. The economy could shrink by two percent, and unemployment to more than five percent, and increase real estate prices by ten percent break.

Johnson’s opponents want to prevent that. You work at the Palace revolt – even before the would-be inaugural Premier his Post at all. With these three steps, opposition politicians and party colleagues want to avoid the worst:

1. Parliament with “Buebetrickli”

To his No-Deal-Brexit against the will of the members to get you through, it could leave Boris Johnson, Parliament pause, or even dissolve. The Brexit-hardline toying, according to reports in the media with two options.

the deputies did not offer. You have decided that the Parliament must negotiate in September and October on certain topics and that is why we cannot pause.

Cunning! The corresponding vote was 315 to 274 of the voices on the stage; 17 Conservatives rebelled against the party line, many more Tory members abstained in the vote.

2. Ministerial resignations

Johnson needs to be more new staff than probably hoped for. In a row to terminate him Theresa Mays Minister in advance of the cooperation.

The beginning of Chancellor of the exchequer, Philip Hammond, and Minister of justice, David Gauke made. You want to support a No-Deal-Brexit – and have announced to do as members do everything in their Power to prevent Johnson’s Plan. It is expected that development Minister Rory Stewart the two follows.

Alan Duncan, the Secretary of state in the Ministry of foreign Affairs, withdraws also. Extra before Johnson’s prospective accession to the throne on Wednesday, as he announced in his Twitter published letter of resignation. “So I can say my free opinion.”

3. Tory majority wobbles

The ruling party loses Power. If starting in September in the Parliament for the Brexit relevant to the issues to be negotiated, could the absence of the Tories in votes crucial votes. Their already shaky majority is on the Brink.

A by-election in Wales could cost the Tories a seat. The liberal, left and green opposition parties in the County of Brecon and Radnorshire to work together to prevent the conservative candidate.

The by-election became necessary after the conservative MP for the seat, Chris Davies, was convicted of a false expense report. To Davies’ prevent the re-election to support the Greens and the Welsh centre-left party, Plaid Cymru, the candidate of the liberal Democrats.

Plus: Should it come to elections, losing the Tories under Johnson expected to be the majority. And, although the Brexit-hardliners important groups of voters responsive. In the Pro-European Scotland the Tories would lose but most of the seats that Theresa had heaved in May 2017 into the office, shows a “Politico”poll.