she talks about a very heavy time of your life: In an Interview with icon Verona Pooth (50) tells how much she suffered from the dementia of her mother, Luisa (†80).

Because it is in the apartment of their “Mamita” always chaotic had become, have you not noticed that something was wrong with her, remembers Pooth versus “Gala” at the beginnings of the disease. “My mom began to collect empty cream tubes. Your plants are overgrown, such as in a tropical house, and in the living room are hung in the summer Christmas lights.” At once, this always elegantly dressed woman ran in sweat suit by the apartment.

“you barked at me, or provoked me”

her mother tried to keep up appearances, supplemented Pooth. But then, the deterioration in her condition massively. Any help, such as emergency buttons, have you rejected in addition, brusquely. “A doctor explained to me that dementia is attacking the character. The patients can be very mischievous. So it was also with my mother. They either barked at me or tried to provoke me.” So you have peas when you eat from the plate of peppered, ordered new Cutlery. “Once she has fished in a Restaurant, a Koi carp, the ornamental tanks and in her Gucci handbag put. It brought tears to my eyes.”

The illness of their mother had a bad impact on Verona Pooths Psyche: “for Six years I had nightmares, I became the every night wet with sweat up,” recalls the moderator. She ran to the phone, picked up the phone, only to hang up. “Because I was afraid of the reaction of my mother. Franjo flicked on the light and tried to comfort me.”

7 years of no contact

thanks to her husband Franjo (49) have you made it through this difficult time. “My great luck was that there was Franjo. He had easier access to his mother-in-law. Franjo took it easy as she was, with all its quirks. He has been insanely patient. My mother loved him, always called him Angelo, to English angels.”

But the worst was yet to be: Through the disease Luisa Feldbusch isolated more and more. You’ve developed a persecution mania, the neighbors want to talk to, and her daughter, finally, the door no longer opened. “I lost my mother for seven years,” says Pooth sad. And also the wedding with Franjo missed Luisa because of the disease.

One day I get a call from a hospital, Verona Pooth. Her mother was overthrown, was three days on the ground, without water, without food. The neighbors would have heard it at some point call out to Franjo. “I immediately flew to her. When she woke up in the hospital, she made such a nasty remark, that I fell to the next best doctor, crying the neck.”

reconciliation in the old people’s home,

Tags it needs to be then come Franjo, and I managed to break the ice. “But it was clear: My mother couldn’t return home. So I was looking for a nice senior residence and sold the residence as a cure,” says Verona. “And you loved it! A cure she wanted to, who had worked all her life hard, always make time.”

There had been then, all touching her, and she had also been voted to re-conciliatory, says Pooth. “When I visited you, stroking you with my Hand, and said: “Muchas gracias, it is so beautiful here.” We have made our peace with each other.” 2015 Luisa field, Busch died at the age of 80 years. (wyt)