According to the world health organization (WHO) affects about ten percent of the world’s population to depression. In Switzerland, according to the Federal office for statistics (BFS) is approximately nine per cent of the population. VIEWS has asked Beatrice Styger (62), founder and headmistress of the Medicus school of natural healing, and a list of herbs and foods created to lift the Winter mood.

St. John’s wort as a mood Brightener

St. John’s wort is a plant the antidepressant of healing. “Especially in the days of November, where the light is offer by persistent fog and cloudy weather does not exist, the St. John’s wort brightening,” says Styger. Further, the specialist naturopathy at that in people who sit a lot in office, and for a long time in artificially lit rooms, St. John’s wort brightening up your act and against upsets could help.

A good mix as a combination therapy have combined proven in the case of St. John’s wort, passion flower and Valerian: “The mood – lifting St. John’s wort with the voltage and anxiolytic passion flower and the calming sleep-inducing Valerian, can be strengthened Wirkintensität significantly,” says Styger. The dose and composition was determined by the drugstore.

saffron for depression

“Already in ancient times people knew that saffron melancholy to counteract,” says Styger. In folk medicine, saffron was used to calm the nerves. The Plant contains mood-enhancing chemicals such as Serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine.

wormwood herb revitalizes the body and mind

“The bitterness and the Aroma of wormwood are so pronounced and pervasive that the Plant has become a Symbol of the bitter aspects of life has become,” explains Styger. Wormwood herb is to stimulate interest in the life and activity and the stimulation of metabolism to promote. The herb acts also appetite stimulating: “the one Who takes a preparation of wormwood, is to be awake and present.”

dandelion for the metabolism

“dandelion promotes the metabolic activity of the liver, which is responsible for active conversion activity of chemical substances,” says the specialist in Naturopathy. A dandelion tincture to solve congestion and solidification in the mind and body and this new life force convey.

nettle for sleep problems

nettle was used in folk medicine, often as a sleeping or nerve agents: “The winter Blues, it is often so that one is always tired, but still on the inside so restless that sleep just will not come. Since nettle,” says Styger helps.

Not a lot of fat

Generally speaking, you should not take in too much fat. A group of researchers at the University of Regensburg found that a fatty diet can lead to post-Natal Depression in mothers. If you take fats, it is important to pay attention to the quality of this. Rapeseed oil, for example, is made of high quality and polyunsaturated fatty acids. Also it means that Omega-3 prevent fatty acids depression and the risk of developing Depression by up to 30 percent can reduce.

Enough zinc

scientists from the Institute of pharmacology of the Polish Academy of Sciences record came to the conclusion that zinc deficiency is closely associated with depression. Zinc is an essential mineral that is found mainly in animal products. A strong immune system is always associated with zinc.

meat, cheese or oysters are good zinc suppliers. Vegetarians or Vegans can take the necessary zinc, cashew nuts, sunflower seeds, oatmeal, or green peas.

Beautiful skin and hair: All the questions about zinc

zinc is answered, provides for beautiful skin and hair, strengthens the immune system and helps in muscle building – without the zinc, the metabolism does not work anymore. But a third of humanity suffers from zinc deficiency.