His sudden death came as a shock: On 20. April 2018, the corpse of the Star-DJ Avicii (†28) was discovered in a Hotel in Oman. The cause of death is still not known to the public. Statements of his family suggest that Avicii at the age of 28 years committed suicide.

Now the film showing an insight that the Swedish musician, of the citizens was called Lich, Tim Bergling, had to struggle before his death, hard to come by. This is according to the British newspaper “Daily Mail” from the BBC documentary “Avicii: True Stories”, which was taken after the death of the program, but now re-released.

pain medication Cocktail made dependent on

Accordingly, Avicii was brought in the year 2014 on his Australian Tour with an acute inflammation of the pancreas into the hospital because he tried to numb his anxiety with alcohol. Doctors removed him of the gall bladder, prescribed him for the pain with a cocktail of Drugs, including addictive opiate Percocet.

Only he had taken the medication only for a month, then four had become of it, so Avicii in the documentary. “It was like Heroin, but it did not help me at the same time against the pain, but I just thought that the Doctors know what they are doing.”

a Total of twenty pills, he had swallowed the day. “I said to myself still, I was dependent. I still had anxiety and had to start again at tours.” Finally, he was able to 2016, and to 813 concerts, not more. He took an eight month break in his Villa in Ibiza.

proceeds from the posthumously published music

donated, “It was just the point where it was too much. I saw that other people did what I did, and it went well. I began to consider myself crazy. I had everything on my Checklist, so it should go to me well,” says Avicii in the Film.

At the time of his death, he was the musician has a capacity of 25 million francs, to be inherited by his parents. Among other things, the family founded a Foundation for suicide prevention. Recently posthumously Avicii’s appeared to be new Single ‘SOS’. The generated revenue should also come from the “Tim Berling Foundation”. On 6. June should then appear in the Album “Tim”. (wyt)

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