In Switzerland, put an estimated 100’000 people per year for aesthetic reasons under the knife. And cosmetic surgeons tend to occur as a benefactor, help your fellow man to a better life: The desire for a procedure come from the patient, as surgeons, are only a means to an end.

The Marketing of a number of Swiss beauty clinics belies this self-image lies. On Social Media platforms, these clinics do not promise to remedy deep-seated problems with the own appearance ends – rather, they awaken the desire for the perfect body.

you do this with contempt for women, images and a language that suggests that the sale of cars and not to a surgical intervention that infringes the physical integrity.

Operation due to pressure

The Aargauer beauty clinic Aesthea warns the woman, for example: “remember: the Bikini Body in the summer of 2019 is already set in the Winter.” Or: “it’s high time for a cute butt!” No body part is left out: “Nice, down to the smallest Detail! Whether by nature or after a birth more and more women are looking in the genital area a look exactly to your liking.”

Jean-Daniel Strub (43), former Director of the National ethics Commission in human medicine, this is assessed by critical: “Such marketing efforts raise the pressure to conform to today’s ideal of beauty.”

There was the danger that some of the pressure to conform to the standard, the surgery could not take place due to a truly free decision. Strub: “For Doctors, the ethical requirement to prevent this is true.”

remarkable pricing

The beauty clinic Aesthea not want to speak to Sunday view to the topic. The Lucerne Clinic, in turn, goes in a similar way to catch customers, can’t understand the criticism. “We do not represent ideals of beauty, but to help our patients who are not satisfied with your body,” writes the company on request. The experience show that patients had after the procedure, sustainably satisfied. And further: “In our communication, we primarily focus on Content that offers more value in the information process.”

However, not only the Marketing of some of the clinics raises the question, whether in Switzerland, the lack of incentives for plastic surgery are set. Also, the pricing is sometimes remarkable.

A young woman sonntagsblick reported that in a clinic in Eastern Switzerland about a nose surgery I inform. As you said that you are the prize of 10’000 Swiss francs was too high, offered her the surgeon to operate for the same amount in another part of the body, for example the Breasts.

quantity discount for more than one Operation on the same day,

Mark Nussberger know that such volume discounts are offered. The President of the Swiss society for aesthetic surgery (SGAC) says: “you hear a lot. It is reprehensible, because the pecuniary interest is in the foreground and not the medical Act.” In particular, Nussberger want to call but none of the “black sheep”.

Controversial is that the Lucerne Clinic, one of the most well-known beauty clinics in Switzerland, the quantity discounts offered. Any person who engages in more than one Operation on the same day, saving the additional interference of up to 2000 francs.

this Will not give the wrong incentives?

The people responsible see that’s not so: “The Lucerne Clinic is for fair and transparent prices.” If the combination of synergies of intervention would be achieved with the use of the operating room, give you these benefits. “Thus, we can prevent some people from operations abroad and provide them with a safe and secure environment grant.”

The ethicist Jean-Daniel Strub, this argument is not convincing: “price discounts for surgical procedures are problematic, if you set the incentive, is not a health risk.”