New mom Duchess Meghan (37) and Prince Harry (34) to enjoy the first days with your Baby, Archie Harrison. The Royal family congratulates diligently to birth and Meghans mom Doria Ragland (62) plays a big role in the first days of the Royal baby. It is for weeks with her daughter and must be very close to the little Archie. The Rest of Meghans family, however, has poor chances to get the child to ever face.

Meghans nephew Tyler beat just before Archie’s birth,

Why? Because the behavior of the Markle-part of the family is a little royal. Meghans nephew, Tyler Dooley (26) is to be on Friday night in a brawl in the U.S. state of Oregon is involved. Outside of a restaurant, it should come late in the evening of a dispute, as officials of the “Sun” to confirm. In addition to Meghans nephew Tyler also 15 to 20 other men were involved. The scandal-nephew, was due to his Cannabis Farm in the headlines should have been thrown “to the ground” and the leg have hurt.

Papa Thomas Markle> conciliatory

Samantha Markle congratulates and taunts

And Meghans half-sister Samantha Markle (54) surprised with an unusually friendly Statement. Compared to “Daily Mail TV” revealed that she is excited to be an aunt. They hope also to meet her new nephew one day. More taunts you, however: “We have made a peace offer, now it is up to Meghan.” She wished that Meghan knows that you have a whole family in the United States. In addition, it appeals to her half-sister, that life is too short to continue to have no contact with her father.

In the official Baby Statement from the Kensington Palace, neither Thomas nor Samantha Markle were mentioned at all. (euc)