In the South of Germany will be buzzing for the economy. Potentially there Swiss job-seekers could find a Job. A big hurdle is the different wage levels. Unia spokesman Serge Gnos does not believe that it can go up to the normal qualified, beyond borders, to work, but to live in Switzerland.

So there is already gross wages, substantial differences between Switzerland and Germany. An electrical engineer with some years of professional experience in Germany, the comparison platform wage analysis according to the in an average of 40’880 francs per year. The average wage in Switzerland is 68’752 francs. A Loss of 40 percent!

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Not better, you go after the deductions. In Switzerland, this amounts to a 34-Year-old from Basel-Stadt to 19 percent. Therein contributions for AHV, IV, unemployment Fund, accident, sick pay insurance, pension Fund and withholding tax are included. He comes to a net monthly wage of 4644 francs.

In Germany, specifically Baden-Württemberg, resulting in a net monthly wage of the equivalent of 2217 francs. Deducted 35 percent of the wage for the wage tax, the solidarity surcharge and social insurance contributions (health, pension and care insurance).

in the net wage comparison obenaus swings Switzerland. Wage talks moderately so little to look as a Swiss working in Germany.