While it is abnormal times in the Uk and the world, there are a few things that go as planned. Namely skattemeldingen – which is right around the corner.

the tax administration informs to NRK that they have entered into a krisestab to make sure that people get skattemeldingen his in years as well.

It means that from Wednesday, 18. march will be the very first to be able to check skattetallene their. Then people will get access to continuously up to the end of the month.

“Verdict” you will be provided with a time

In the years receive the vast majority of a brand new version of the skattemeldingen. It should be a little easier to understand than the old model.

Marta Johanne Gjengedal is the division director in the tax administration

Photo: Karina Kaupang Jørgensen

We want to be digital and modern, and make it easier for the users. Skattemeldingen we are now launching is a step in the right direction. We’re excited about how it is received, ” says Marta Johanne Gjengedal in the tax administration.

the first thing that greets you in the new design, is the you most probably wonder the most on:

Is there money back or must you pay? The numbers that you don’t have to look for, the answer you get with a time.

Remember that this is only a preliminary calculation. You still need to check that all the numbers match .

the Posts are gone

perhaps The biggest change is however that the records are gone. Before was all the numbers added under categories such as “3.2.8 reisefradrag”.

Now, this system is scrapped. All the information is divided into themes, such as “Housing and assets” and “Family and health”. You get asked questions along the way to help you to enter the correct.

Here you can see how it looks:

the Examples above are from a fictional skattemelding. (Facsimile: the tax administration)

Thousands of people have already got tested the new skattemeldingen Have taken away the unnecessary information

The new setup is a definite improvement, seems forbrukerøkonom Cecilie Tvetenstrand in Danske Bank.

– It is intuitive, simple and relevant for each and every one who receives this. That unnecessary information is removed makes it much easier to relate to, explains Tvetenstrand.

Cecilie Tvetenstrand is forbrukerøkonom in Danske Bank.

Photo: Danske Bank

You receive a message on sms or e-mail when skattemeldingen can be opened. Forbrukerøkonomen encourage you to start the check with a time.

take a few minutes to check that all the information that is registered on the voices. Keep in mind that the tax office gets a lot of information sent. But they are not Big Brother, and can’t get me everything.

For example, there may be deductions that you need to fill out yourself.

– Have you started in the job where you currently commute? Maybe you have bought property abroad and taken up a loan in another country? Given the money to the volunteer organizations that do not have come with? It can be a lot of money to get on to get with the allowances you are entitled to, ” she explains.

do you Remember what skattemeldingen was called before in the time?