The Geneva government has organized the departments new and the ailing state councillor Pierre Maudet (40, FDP) further disempowered. He will be transferred to the newly created Department of economic development. The safety policy is the responsibility of Mauro Poggia (59, MCG). As the government explained in its weekly meeting today, the measures on 1. February.

Maudet had to invite family and friends of an approximately 50’000 Swiss francs expensive luxury trip to Abu Dhabi in 2015. In addition, it should be of a hotel chain is supported and its mandate duties to the party to be paid by a supporters club, but from the FDP-Council of state, of the tax has been deducted, he is accused of. It is a procedure against Maudet because of acceptance of benefits in the office is running.

Maudet triggered a government crisis

The affair of the Geneva cantonal government has plunged Maudet in a serious crisis. The liberal-minded Director of Security had to give the government the Bureau, as well as the control of the police and the airport.

Now the disempowerment goes even further: Mauro Poggia, who had already taken over in September, the police duties on an interim basis, is new for the is security policy. It will be created a new Department for safety and security, employment and health. This includes the police, the prisons, the cantonal population and migration office and the cantonal office for population protection and military. For these areas, Maudet used to be responsible.

Only in the case of a conviction he wants Maudet go

The removal from power had emerged: On Sunday, the Geneva government without Maudet and his party colleague, Nathalie Fontanet (54) was found to be a secret meeting, to plan the reorganization of the Council of state (EYES reported).

The party line of the liberal democratic party in Switzerland has Maudet asked to resign. The Basis of the Geneva FDP based its Council of government a few days ago, nevertheless, scarce. Based on this vertrauensv Weis refuses Maudet refuses to vacate his chair. He just wants to go, he should be because of acceptance of benefits in the office, convicted. (SDA/pt)