With Federal councillor Ignazio Cassis (58) is moved in a new Wind in the Department of foreign Affairs (FDFA). Immediately after taking office, he wanted to press the “Reset”button for the negotiations on a framework agreement with the EU. Shortly thereafter, he criticized the UN refugee Agency for the Palestinians as part of the problem and not the solution in the middle East conflict.

More economic – in the interest of Switzerland

But the Cassis it does not allow for criticism, suffice it to say – and ventures a new beginning not only in the difficult EU-Dossier. Released yesterday, the report Avis2028 shows how he wants the whole foreign policy on the new feet provide.

Although Cassis has not written the report himself, but this is a nine-member panel of experts under the EDA-line delegates. However, this strengthens the course, the Cassis so far, carefully has seen: The humanitarian Tradition no longer Care for him enough. His main focus is a better representation of Swiss interests.

experts suggest six areas of focus before

This course, the working group continued in her Vision for foreign policy in the year 2028. On the basis of a world in which great powers are again dominant, climate change, waiting for a solution, where digitization and globalization are progressing and at the same time, the nationalistic tones predominate, have been defined by the experts six key areas:

interests and values: , Switzerland to align its foreign policy more closely to your interests. The focus of good relations with China, Russia and the USA. In addition, you should get more involved in Asia and Africa as a market is interesting for the economy. In security questions, you will strengthen international bodies. the in foreign policy, explain: The Visionaries rain, not only to the cantons and Parliament, but also of the population, science and industry more involved. To support the foreign policy better. the In the service of economy and citizens: Swiss should be able to count on the world to Switzerland. The digitisation will make things easier – such as the creation of Notpässen–. In addition, the foreign policy should be more in the service of the economy, because their success is our well-based. the More focus in development assistance: , The Swiss development aid should focus more. Your main purpose should be to reduce the pressure for Migration. In addition, Switzerland should maintain its role as a bridge-Builder in conflicts. the technology as an opportunity: Switzerland is a hub for new technologies – both in research as well as in the question of whether it needs new rules. This will include centres for artificial intelligence to be modelled on the Cern was founded. the More self-awareness in Brussels: 2028 secured the Swiss bilateral way, and occurs in relation to the EU as a self-confident Partner. You with talking when in Brussels, the New one is decided as a Non-member.

During a panel discussion at the University of Bern with journalists from German-speaking Switzerland and French-speaking Switzerland – including Christian Dorer, editor-in-chief the views of the group – was the thrust of the report, for the most part good. And Cassis to yourself? The report was a “source of inspiration to shape the foreign policy in the coming years,” said the Federal Council. And along the two outside of the political main of the Federal Constitution: independence and well-being goals.