Who is looking for something Quick and Good against Hunger, the culinary Tradition of the Middle East find it: Falafel. The deep-fried balls of mashed beans or chickpeas, herbs and spices were probably originally invented by the Christian Copts as a meat-free fast meal. A sustainable idea, because Falafel are a rich source of protein and fiber – and today, not only in the vegetarian cuisine. Chickpeas, from which the tasty Snack is, contain a lot of protein and hardly any fat. Falafel are a great Alternative to French fries, Pizza or Burger.

calories and nutritional information Falafel 100 g Kalorien333Fett18 gProtein13 gKohlenhydrate32 gKalzium54 gEisen3,4 mgNatrium294 mgKalium585Cholesterin0 mg baking instead of deep-frying

And so prepared the healthy Falafel: chickpeas are soaked overnight and after Draining, finely chopped. Finely chopped onion, garlic, Peterli and coriander are added. Is seasoned the mixture with salt, cumin and Paprika. From this mass can be shaped with the addition of a little baking powder, small balls, dried and then deep-fried.

Who owns the Falafel is made by deep frying too greasy, you can bake the meatballs in the oven. Thus, the light balls are mixed with no additional calories added.

For Western tastes: Falafel with Hummus

Traditionally serves Falafel balls in pita bread with various salads and sauces. A creamy sesame sauce, the tahini and the chick-erbsenmus Hummus in the most original variant.

However, you can enjoy Falafel is also different, for example as an accompaniment to a fresh salad or even as a component of salad. Here, you can roll the Falafel from the beginning to be smaller, so that it is mouth-friendly morsels. Very refreshing Falafel taste with natural yoghurt or with fruity Chutneys.

How to enjoy your Falafel, one thing is for sure: If it closes when you bite into it and the eye, to the palate, a 1001-night-feeling.