Warm weather awakens not only our spirits, but also those of a number of creepy crawlies. If on the weekend, so the Thermometer is skyrocketing, crawl, Hide the little pests from their. If you’re unlucky, this leads the way across the apartment. What can you do there? “As always, if countermeasures are needed, one must first know what one has to do it,” says the expert Marcus Schmidt from the environmental and health protection Zurich.

It is important, therefore, that Affected the animals, the trouble you, to collect and determine. Insects that are bigger than half a centimeter, you can also photograph yourself – in the best case, in addition to a coin or a pencil for size comparison and a competent person (e.g. an exterminator) to send. After the identification, the question of whether a fight is appropriate or possible or whether you just have to live in the warm season with a little bit of nature arises.

cinnamon powder against ants

Who does not want to partout, you can try to expel the troublemakers with simple home remedies. “Ant streets with sebum powder, flour, or smelling substances such as Nägeli, or cinnamon powder to fend off,” says Schmidt. The ants nest is the building envelope, it needs a professional who works with a professional bait. Of the major bait cans in the sale, Schmidt advises, they would be mostly ignored by the ants.

ants are uninvited guests. VIEW shows, against the little pests.

fight with aphids and tree-bugs,

, which as of now high season and the garden friends upset, can be combated with a nettle-Sud: A Kilo of nettles to soak for a day in ten liters of water, the water dissolves the nettle poisons from the plants, and then sprayed undiluted on the affected plants.

it is more Difficult when it has to do with the help of marbled tree bug to. Since this is the only Mosquito nets to help in the rule. These you can buy at the hardware store, to the right size trim and the window frame mount. If that is too expensive, the only, the classic capture method with a glass and a postcard and then throw out of the window.

And bed bugs, cockroaches and exotic ants such as the Pharaoh ant ask to an expert. The disturbing Common and German wasps in the roller shutter box or under the roof should be tackled by a professional.

The city of Zurich Advisory centre for pest control warns of these animals. There are more and more people are plagued by bed bugs. The number of reported cases to triple within four years, tripled. What can you do about it?

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